Leaving me alone in the City of Sin

A green trophy guy poses on the boulevard last week in the the City of Sin – You guessed it photo by Royal…

Leaving me alone in the City of Sin

by Royal Hopper

Generally speaking when you lay on the concrete in a hidden Sin City breezeway next to a bathroom and don’t know what city you are in its time to call it a week and go home. That happens somewhat often in the City of Sin.

When asked what city they are in, these suspiciously well dressed people found laying on the ground will answer Los Angles or Denver and insist they have a room in a hotel they have never been in until passing out in a back portion of it.
“Weird huh,”

Sometimes when people appear to want to be left alone they really need someone to tell them …”No do not take that last purple pill….Stefano ..no don’t lay down on the concrete with your arms crossed like a deceased man …no don’t do that you idiot this is  a Las Vegas sidewalk not a pool party in the burbs. This guy was left alone when maybe somebody should have been a little nosy.
Down the road from passed out on the concrete guy on an older part of the Boulevard the head bobbing guy is at it again.
Every week on what seems to be a random day the head bobbing guy sits in front of an orange construction divider that protects Sin City tourists and patrons of a nearby burger joint from a construction site that has sat idle for years. Head bobbing guy sits down in leans back and bobs his head rapidly up and down.

This fellow is clearly sending out the leave me alone signals as
he waits for a Sin City bus late last week – Photo by Royal

Perhaps he is praying. Perhaps dancing to unseen dance floor tunes or rocking out to some awesome head banging music that played at his 15th birthday party back in the day and that none of the rest of us can hear or really want to hear for that matter. (Lets hear it for Weird Head Metal. I can hear the solo already).
Perhaps, praying, perhaps dancing silently perhaps remembering the good old days following Guns and Roses around SoCal ..yeah that could be …or perhaps he is just acting crazy so people will leave him alone while he stares out at the cityscape in his scary homeless guy outfit.

Not surprisingly most regular people  who pass by this frizzy haired Sin City Dead zone character leave the dude alone. ( I will not say normal people because this is Sin City you know) Sometimes when people act like they want to be left alone they really want to be left alone. Should you ?…I don’t have a clue….

A lady with a stroller, a man in a wheelchair and a rough looking
dude in a sweat suit stand at a Sin City Street corner. What do they
have in common??? Nothing Genius it was a trick question…
Photo by Royal

Down the road further still an older woman in a wheel chair sits parked in the same spot every day all alone, usually asleep or staring out at the Boulevard. I honestly do not know if she wishes to be left alone but when I see her she always is.
I thought I saw a child walking down the boulevard alone but ..He was just a little Person in a Winnie the Pooh jogging suit  who growled a little as people took pictures of him as he ran to meet the bus. …well he did kind of look like the Winnie the Pooh character.

Earlier that day a young woman and her shopping cart stood on a Sin City street corner. She wore a black dress cut cocktail waitress style and embroidered with gold lace designs. She just stood there in her gaudy seductive cocktail dress leaning on the shopping cart  Every day I drive down Tropicana on the way home from work I see a couple sitting on the side of the road as always sleeping eating or surviving the desert heat. I saw a bright neon green trophy standing on the boulevard, I saw Elvis, I saw kids wearing balloons on their heads and tourists with bags full of souvenir T-shirts complain about the price of the two for one lunch buffet.

What appears to be a man walking past a digital photo studio checking his digital device
past what appears to be a sidewalk portrait painter. Irony ? – Photo by Royal

Ahh well. Such is life in the City of Sin

Take care fellow Sinners
Rock the World any way you can


P.S. Las Vegas was full of pool players this week as the APA held its annual singles championship in the City of Sin. I hear one quite often an enterprising pool player will make it all the way to within ten feet of his room before deciding the final three steps were just to much effort and will lay down to sleep on the floor. I hear that…I’m just saying ..you know ……

Luke I am your colorful Sin City sidewalk character …


LMAO in the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper

 If you know someone who uses words like OMG, LMOA and LOL and TTFN and hangs out with characters like Sammy Sung, and No No Kia don’t waste any time get them to rehab right away and don’t let them drive.


City at night, city at night …city at night ..wooo yeah …quote by Jim Morrison from LA Woman..photo by Royal

Do not text and drive

Apparently people who type these difficult words onto a innocent text message device while they are driving down busy city streets are forced by the evil nature of these hex like words to drive into fortunately empty bus stops.

I kid you not. Someone ran into a bus stop which was fortunately for the people who normally take the bus that time of day empty.

This week in addition to the vehicular manslaughter of bus stops the city hosted a wrestling championship for man on man grappling of all kinds types and origins and something one of the wrestlers said caught my ear.
Question//Is there a rivalry between wrestlers and basketball players ???Apparently there is. At least one wrestling fan said there is a rivalry of sorts between basketball players and wrestlers.


Disclaimer…These are not my words. The following is something a man a wrestler I presume said about his fellow sportsman who play basketball this week in the City of Sin. They are good guys he stated ..they are good guys but…..
“Basketball players are Prima Donnas,” said wrestlers visiting the City of Sin this week for a huge tourney from every corner of the various wrestling disciplines. They are simply not as tough as wrestlers, not as disciplined and much less humble…
..”Lets face it ..they’re (basketball players.. ) wussies..” said the burly wrestlers as they wandered about the City of Sin waiting for the next round of their tourney or perhaps a basketball player to get in a fight with.

Now to the observation of the week

Being by yourself in the City of Sin walking down the Boulevard makes a statement even when none is intended. Being alone here is no big deal couples and friends often separate when gambling or watching shows ( don’t ask me why) but walking down the street alone in Vegas just isn’t done that often.


What’s that you say

Gambling alone means your whipped and want some peace and quiet …Walking down the Strip means your either at work, selling something (or both) …or you are up to something. ( or all three)
Think about it. Women walk in pairs for protection/or gasp conversation. Guys walk in pairs because one of them is a wing man dedicated to getting his buddy female company that doesn’t want payment up front.

Couples walk together because lets face it its hard to ignore each other when your apart and when you are alone talking to your imaginary friends just looks weird.

Such is life in the City of Sin

Rock On Sinners and don’t do it alone

Jogger report: With the warmer weather finally returning to the City of Sin joggers of all types made their first appearance of the season. This week,  the look at me I’m a jogger crowd and the damn swimming pool season starts in a week and I’m pale and huge crowd came out in force.

Heartfelt condolences and hope for the people of Boston and all the people caught in Monday’s  cowardly bomb blast that shattered the Peace of the Boston Marathon 

Chuck Owns Everything 

By Royal Hopper

Chuck owns everything. He will tell you if you ask him. He owns several casinos, a hockey team or two a MacDonalds on the Strip and the rights to Michael Jackson song made after 1986.


Chuck owns everything and he will tell you so just like he tells every casino and business in Las Vegas that asks him to leave. Chuck gets angry when people kick him out of the place she owns and surely Chuck owns everything accept for a house, clean clothes and a firm grasp on reality.
Chuck if that is his real name is one of the denizens of the City of Sin who travel from place to place hanging out in all the places he owns until the people who actually you know own it kick him out back to his real home on a Sin City sidewalk.


Sometimes I think we would all be better off if we were like Chuck. The world would be just as screwed up but no one would be bothered by it, we’d just take turns kicking each other out of the places we own.
Chucks way of thinking is not unique to Chuck. Just ask homely looking Tokyo businessman with a face only a mother could love with two count them two hard bodies with their silicon enhanced mitts wrapped around his not inconsiderable arms.
I’m guessing he woke up hours after Bambi and Thumper left his room with no memory or money….”These chicks really dig me because I am a stud…” The look of Chuck was all over businessman face as he strolled arm in arm with these two beauties. All the chicks in Tokyo love me….really


What is an ubject exactly

Chuck says “I” own Tokyo and probably gets angry that they haven’t returned his phone calls in awhile.

Some people want you to believe they own the city in a different way.
I mean what better way to commemorate your trip to the City of Sin than to pretend to be passed out on the sidewalk while your friend takes pictures of you and posts them on Facebook. What better way to own the City of Sin.

So tell me does anybody actually fake being passed out on the side walk so their friends can post their drunken pictures on the social media. I swear to you I witnessed one tourist laying facedown in a Sin City street while a friend took pictures of him.


The one on the ground then rolled to his feet looking both clueless and conspiratorial and both trotted off down the boulevard .
The only conclusion I can come to is that either one was actually passed out on the sidewalk momentarily and his buddy was taking advantage of him or they both spent their weekend in Vegas watching Love Boat reruns and were to embarrassed to tell anybody.
The conversation may have gone something like….
“Hey dude lay down on the sidewalk and pretend to be drunk off your ass that way no one will know we never left the room…and we will put it on Facebook” Chuck says I own Facebook and they serve the best Pastrami in town.


Driving down the strip. You see people pausing to look at joggers in bikinis, people sitting on sidewalks selling bottled water, families taking pictures of each other standing in front of fake fountains, fake volcanoes and middle aged guys named Muarie pretending to be Spiderman.

Such is Life in the City of Sin
Until Next Time
Rock Fellow Sinners

WTF and Other Confusing Stuff in the City of Sin


Mickey, Mini, the Hulk and the Captain ….Photo by Royal

The Art of Being Confused in the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper


What The ?????

Question: How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? Lets find out.

I know what you are thinking. I know the thoughts that are crossing your mind right now. They are probably like the kind of like the thoughts in the mind of the drunk trying to stagger across Las Vegas Boulevard in the middle of the day only to look up and see a car bearing down on him as he stumbled your thinking W.T.F. which stands for Wonderful Totally Fine or Wonderful Teutonic Fox. No I’m sure it does.. You see WTF what the ****..ohh never mind. Anyway on to the Tootsie Pop.

There are a lot of commonly occurring mental conditions here in the City of Sin with one of the most prevalent being cognitive dissonance called in Sin City parlance the What The F***  ( What do you want from me? My Mom might read this.)

WTF 1 Giant Neon Funk Rock Chick

People or places that do not match up to stereotypes or do match up in unexpected ways can cause serious cognitive dissonance  It just means that the reality you are confronted with your established mental image.
Kind of like the time I saw a cute pair of legs pair of shapely legs in bright neon leotards coming around the corner and prepared to be wowed by female femaleness ( I looked it up it is a word)

Now what do you think I said or thought when I saw this pair of shapely legs in bright neon leotards coming around the corner and then stepped back as the legs and their owner stepped around the corner with her I miss 80s Funk Rock, Rick James was a God  posse trailing closely behind her. You guessed I said or rather thought WTF. This chick, (and I’m giving her, him, they or whatever the benefit of the doubt because there was a lot)  was 6 foot 9 inches at least not counting the sic inch platform shoes she stole from her grandmothers disco will never die wardrobe closet.
He, she, they smiled at me which was the polite thing to do and I am not to proud to admit this really spooked me a little.


WTF 2. The Cute Cable Guy Couple
These days seeing two guys holding hands is no big deal unless you live in Tehran. …and is certainly not completely unusual in the city of Sin.

Im not sure what your mental image of two guys holding hands is but when you see two 450 pounds plaid clad bohunks who look more like Larry the Cable Guy than RuPaul or Liberace it does cause your mental WTF meter to go off like a hurricane.
Guys who look like they could wrestle grizzly bears and eat 20 Big Macs for breakfast are not generally who you picture walking hand in hand through a Sin City casino. Am I wrong about that ?
They didn’t seem to care what anybody thought about it because I’m guessing they were both close to a quarter ton and outweighed everyone around them,  including the two body builders carrying their young children through the casino in cutie pie back packs,  by at least 200 pounds.
Las Vegas boulevard is not the place you expect to see street preachers standing at attention with their arms upraised in a bright red suit but he was there all week just down the street from the fountain show at the Belagio. He stood there just down the sidewalk from the guy selling bottled water or rather re-bottled water and across the street from the man dressed in orange from head to toe.

This week one Sin City denizen seemed to determined to win an argument with herself. This person told onlookers she was solving a murder that had occurred and wanted to know where she could go to broadcast her findings and then continued to berate the invisible friend that seemed to doubt her theories.

A man who staggered across the street into traffic was surprised when he was actually hit by a car, a man sold tap water to tourist watching a fountain show and other posed with Mickey Mouse, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America in front of fake Roman cityscapes, fake volcanoes, fake pirate lagoons while women wearing feathers and a large weight lifter dressed like a toddler tease and flirt with them.

Such is Life in the City of Sin
Rock On Fellow Sinners


lv blvd mirage

Week Three March : Dog shows, demographics and conversations in the City of Sin

Wild art of the Strip

In news paper parlance we would call this wild art. It is just a cool picture of a man riding his bike down the boulevard Saturday waiting for the moment no one is looking to take something out of it _ Photo by Royal Hopper..P.S. if a newspaper here hires me I
promise to come up with more clever cut lines and put the focus bar on his nose as

Dog shows, demographics and conversations in the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper

A snapshot of a street corner by a fast food restaurant in Las Vegas. It is mid morning and the usual suspects are sitting on the ground. Two are four legged, one is slumped over and another stares at the morning sun. Standby to hear more about this epic.

Question: What do you call it when hundreds of Las Vegas convention guests urinate and defecate on the grass in broad daylight and without shame while others named Mac, Prince, and Red Furnace strut across the convention center floor waiting on the commands of their boss and sniffing other conventioneers hairy buts.
Well you could call it an S and M fetish convention, a meeting of Panderers local 459 or a really bad day at the adult book store but most of the people at the convention called it a dog show.
It is amazing the parts of conversation you hear in Sin City locals and this week was no exception.
One convention guest was speaking to another and said something to the effect of ….“and then he showed his bitch…” In this case bitch literally meant a female dog which is what of course it literally means and bitch is a word you often hear one dog owner say to another because that is what bitch means… a female dog.

Earlier this week fire destroyed an abandoned Casino called the Key Largo at the
corner of Flamingo Road and Paradise Road. This photo taken Friday shows fire crews still spraying hotspots in the old building in preparation for a search of the building. Local news said this week that investigators searched for the bodies of homeless people that may have been living in the old casino but found none_
Photo by Royal Hopper

Another conversational tidbit went something like. “Maybe he can go back where he came from…” There was no one around these two people at the time so maybe they were talking to their imaginary friends walking nearby.

Another conversation tail end went something like this….”If that was the reason why ..but it could be an issue of character…
What do you say to a person who talks about character as he is standing in line at a Las Vegas ATM getting more money _ perhaps to gamble, drink or otherwise indulge himself in decadent activities…or perhaps he came to Las Vegas to get money for his sick mother….or for his church . ,…..yeah that it.
Do you call him self righteous, do you call him a hypocrite?? Do you call him a congressman?  Or do you just call Jim the annoying tattooed black shirt wearing guy wearing a shirt with Christian logos strutting through a Vegas casino with his smarter than he is girlfriend trying to convince him not to be an organ with little obvious success.


That one corner of a Sin City Boulevard was a portrait of the City itself a demographic frozen in time and space (I was recently replaying an old copy of the Rocky Horror Sound Track and line from the closing song stuck in my mind)
One man sits by a side door perhaps seeking protection from the morning wind or perhaps he had no where else to go. An older middle class lady sits with two dogs on the lawn feeding them breakfast and waiting for her morning coffee fetcher to return from his errand.
Nearby two Sin City Boulevard regulars sit in front of a construction site one bobbing his head to the rhythms of an unseen band the other slouching against an orange construction barrier catching a few zzzs in between asking for cash and Mickie Ds left overs. The man with the white beard stands in his usual spot handout as always a diligent panhandler with  the work ethic of a businessman.
Later the dog owners get up and return to the dog show, the others grown weary of trolling for leftovers and move on to other corners while the man with the white beard stands with his hand still out as a man with an expensive camera and custom leather shoes struggles to get his holiday pics just right snapping badly framed photos of the same clowns, clouds and neon as the millions before him and the millions yet to come.

“The Strip” at night _ Photo me

A working girl winks at businessman, a couple holds hands and man riding a custom motorcycle thunders down the road past a double decker tourist bus and probably realizes he is in the wrong city for anyone to care.

Such is Life in the City of Sin

Rock on fellow Sinners
and watch where you walk