The Courage of Desperation.

They say courage is the ability to act calmly despite the fear you may feel

I have noted several kinds of courage not directly inspired by fear.. There is the courage of performance, the courage of familiarity and the courage of desperation. 

Gunfight at Oatman Arizona Act last month by Royal

Desperation can be a kind of courage. When you have nothing maybe you are less afraid of losing what you have.

A man sits in the intersection on the thin median on a busy Las Vegas street wherein many drivers are likely intoxicated or otherwise chemically distracted .

His legs are stretched out in front of him ..his hands by his side relaxed and apparently unconcerned occasionally straightening the corners of his red long sleeved  T that had probably  seen its better days when it was made in the 90s .

Skid Row opened for Scorpions last Month by Royal;

There are cars to his left and to his right in front and behind and he is not worried. He looks like he is sitting in a board room waiting impatiently for his cruelty free turkey sandwich with fat free mayo kale and keto friendly cheese ..and why would he worry. It doesnt look like he has anything to worry about losing …Perhaps he doesnt and that why he doesnt fear losing anything.

Like most modern people . I like having stuff. I like having a car, having decent clothes, having a great wife and a great home to come home to. 

When I was young I could fit everything I actually owned in my 72 Oldsmobile Cutlass . There was much less to worry about but somehow I find that I have things to protect I am much braver at least in that regard. The courage of performance and familiarity are much more straight forward.

If you have to act brave and you know how you do it because it is expected, beneficial and because you like an audience and to keep the audience you need to have some courage . Lastly if you know what you are supposed to do and say you can do it more easily and with more courage because that is how the human animal is bult.

The Scorpions last set at a recent las Vegas Concert