Pigeon Zombies and the fallacy of appearances in the City of Sin

pigeon baby.jpg

Pigeon Zombies and the Fallacy of appearances in the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper
A pigeon sits perched on bench during the oppressive sand and concrete covered furnace of a Las Vegas afternoon _ the desert in the summer.
The heat is approaching the danger point and even most of the hard core Sinners have long since scrambled indoors for the benefit of  and air conditioning and ice water. The oppressive clarity of the desert sky highlights every flaw makes the world seem dirty and ragged as the few walking this stretch of urban desertscape take notice of the staring its pigeon disdain at passersby and showing off its pigeon courage by not blinking its pigeon eye one iota when its is approached. DSCF9849.JPG
A few brave pedestrians work up the nerve to approach the unflinching avian but it still doesn’t bat an eye and the walker’s  ultimately lose their nerve and walk on without touching the unflinching bird.
This happens several times and each time the walkers lose their nerve and walk away quickly as if the pigeon had cowed them into it. Then one brave foot bound citizen works up the nerve and determined to get the best of the gray and white bird, extends a hand toward  the bird waiting for it to jump and fly away _ but it doesn’t move.
It just stares wide eyed at the person leaning forward to touch it. Not daunted by this set back the person grabs a small stick and carefully leans forward to poke the bird with the stick determined to get the better of it.
The pigeon is unmoved as the stick inches closer to its head staring right at its antagonist with perfect poise _ not moving and unmoved.
Finally the pedestrian works up the nerve and moves the last few inches to the pigeon’s head and touches it.DSCF9883.JPG
It  still doesn’t move. He slowly and carefully moves the stick back and pokes it again and it still doesn’t move. He works up the nerve again and says boo to the unmoving bird and pokes it again with the stick. It still doesn’t move and never will again. The pigeon has gone to meet its maker on the sun scorched desert pathway and was somehow temporarily frozen in place.
great bird shot.JPG
The pedestrian giggles at their own silliness and its still chuckling when a small group of pigeons fly overhead and he in spite of his new found levity ducks and cringes a bit
Vegas is the kind of place you either love or hate and often both as the case may be….and more to the point it doesn’t give a rat’s ass.
That is life love and summer time in the City of Sin.


Dude or Chick..?? I never got a clear look

Summer in the City

by Royal Hopper
A man stood at the corner looking across the intersection toward his goal. He was like a time machine. His gray pony tail pointing to a forgotten sillier time. The cammo t shirt he wore out of date and out of fashion 30 years ago. What does it mean stayed tuned to find out.
Its was a typical Day in the desert this July 4th weekend.
The city sounded like a war zone as explosions and bright lights rippled through the streets of Sin City as darkness surrounded it.


Las Vegas Cityscape – Royal Hopper

People in strange costumes joined in the celebration whooping and hollering as they explosions of neon echoed throughout the city.
There were drunks everywhere forgetting their wallets in odd places in an effort to get drunk faster. There were cops everywhere keeping a watchful eye on the drunks and those likely to take advantage of them.
There were working girls and you know working girls, winners and losers and some idiot on a horse riding down Tropicana  talking on his cell phone.


Now this is a bad day _ Royal Hopper

In others words it was a normal week in the City of Sin only louder and some guy on horseback on a residential street in Las Vegas which is kind of weird. The 4th of July is a great American holiday full of noise and lights _ but that is how the City of Sin is all the time. July 4th was just every other day except louder and more annoying.
I did see something on the street corner as I was on my way home last week.  A man standing on the street corner caught my eye. Suddenly it was long decades ago and I could feel the long hair on my shoulders and the badly designed t shirts of feaux rebellion.  He wore a pony tail and a cammo tshirt ala Dukes of Hazard.   DSCF9872.JPG
The shirt was faded cammo exactly one I owned some decades  ago.  He looked frozen in time as if 2016 offended him somehow. He bought a really cool cammo shirt back in 1984 and stuck with it and decided 1978 was the bomb for hair styles and stuck with that. Vegas is a lot like that. It constantly promotes its past,  gangsters, Elvis, cowboys and all the glories of the past but never really honors it. Look that place has 60 years of history behind it .._ everyone who was anyone performed there. Babies were conceived there and born there and people died there. It is a piece of history. Want to put a parking lot there ..?.
Thats life in the City of Sin
Take Care Sinners

a road to EDC

The Daisies and professional aholes in the City of Sin


by Royal Hopper  


The Daisy Kids invaded the City of Sin this week as temperatures soared to 115 degrees. Every where you looked there were tribal head dresses, bikini clad space alien chicks, rainbow colored halter tops and glow sticks _ everywhere.

good urban landscape

A Sin City Urban Landscape _ Royal Hopper

This one chick was convinced she could get home by passing through a mirror at the end of the hallway another was convinced she could get change for her pack of cigarettes.

The Daisies came to town right as the NBA championships were wrapping up and Cleveland won its first professional championship since 1964 when this blogger was 2. Yes there was a culture clash and there was little in the way of tension between the two. The Daisies were usually to tired from getting stoned and dancing all night to start a fight and the sports fans were to busy threatening to beat the crap out of each other to notice a bunch of stoned out ravers wearing tribal headdresses and bikinis.

So with the relative lack of conflict in the City of Sin and the fact that it was hot in the desert not exactly being news lets talk about aholes.

supernatural join the hunt

A bumper sticker _ Royal Hopper

Some people pride themselves on being annoying, irascible and mean spirited. They enjoy challenging everyone they meet regardless of the occasion or fault of the person they are meeting in their problems.
In short they enjoy being a ahole. They are proud of it.

I ran into one such person recently in the City of Sin _ a tall portly gentleman with a cane who was upset that his room key had not worked for the second time. He cursed every other word sounding like a symphony of drunken sailors _ which he was incidentally a sailor I mean by his own admission having served 30 years in the Navy and Marine Corps.

people together on a bench

Waiting at the bus stop _ Royal Hopper

You run into a lot of people like this in Vegas. Usually they are not locals. Real Vegas bad asses usually know to be smooth and smiley and polite even if its fake its well honed skill. They will cut across five lanes of traffic, go 40 mph on the Interstate and 60 mph on tight little back roads honking their horns like mad men if the “peasants” get in their way.

Its not Crazy or insane I say it again

rent to own wheels and tires

Rent a Wheel ?

Its not a day at the races of in a loonie bin

Its not the Ritz or the Sticks and not remotely Zen

Its just every day .. In the City of Sin

So long Sinners Love you guys

chick with pink hair

I love modern fashions _Royal Hopper

Flipping the Bird at the world in the City of Sin or Random Bird Flipping in Sin City

By Royal Hopper
What does FU mean in the City of Sin? Stayed to find out. It something many people could apparently use a lesson on.

Rest assured the hyper extended middle finger of FU is something you see quite often in the City of Sin.


Sentiment of the day – Photo by Royal Hopper

After awhile it is something you barely pay attention to when it is done to you and the other person barely pay attention to when you do it to them. It is just to common a thing in a City dedicated to decadence. It kind of like ..”Oh look he is flipping the bird at me how cute. . .”

Bu even then ..It means something because you know what and who it is for.

“ FU Don’t tailgate me you JA,” or “ FU don’t cut me off or even FU and your ugly car.” – . . something.

The other day I witnessed the driver of a ubiquitous sedan stick his hand out out of the window of his car with his middle finger extended and the remaining fingers clenched in defiance. The driver of the car was in appearance of fact flipping the bird at the world because there was no one else visible.

The car behind him didn’t appear to be tailgating him and no one cut him off as far as I could see. For all practical purposes it appeared was just pissed at the world and decided to let it know. FU world FU.

No one driving on the road that day really paid attention to the FU driver because no one knew who the finger was aimed at. The object of flipping the bird at someone is to let them know you think they are ahole.

So random bird flipping is kind of pointless and you should at least have the gonads to let someone know who the bird is aimed at.

moumtains in background

and then there are the mountains

Moral of the story if you are going to flip the bird at people make sure they know they are the object of that effort do not even bother.

What does FU stand for..

Fun Underwear, Fancy Underwear, Fan Unicorns, Fundamental Understanding ..yeah that it. . . . . yeah

That is life in the City of Sin Folks
Love Ya’ll

poli sign jungle

Political season in Sin City

guy walking

A man putting on his cool in the City of Sin _ Photo by Royal Hopper

The Sin City Commuter’s Haze

By Royal Hopper

It is a normal Tuesday in the City of Sin and you see the normal things as you drive down the normal byways of this very weird city and your way to work. You see or rather I saw a well dressed couple walking a dog. As I or rather you near the city you begin to see the ironically beautiful arcane patchwork of huge professionally done signs that dot the area around the Strip ( Las Vegas Boulevard) with retouched photos of beautiful models, advertising –ass kicking shows.. . . bands, businesses and events. You or rather I saw a B list celebrity whose name I cant remember trying to be seen and failing or an A lister * relatively speaking) trying not to be seen and failing.

Hard Rock

The arcane patchwork of signs that dot the City of Sin is almost as ubiquitous as the neon it is justly famous for _ Photo by Royal Hopper

It all blends into a pleasant blur after awhile ..“the daily commute haze” we all develop in this city. You see all the pleasant and colorful things as you drive or walk. You see the neon jungle and the bright colors the mountains in the distance the two dimensional abstract painting I _ you _ we are meant to see.

At the end of the day when your mind is processing what you actually saw _ you remember the whole story. You remember the starving dogs that likely escaped from an absent owner. The white haired man in the uniform in a wheelchair his head down as he waited for the light to change.

As process you realize was either a real veteran being ignored while trying to celebrate his day or a phony trying to get donations from unwary tourists.

mob museum

There are two sides to every story _ Photo by Royal Hopper

Then you remember the beautiful artsy signs are billboards advertising places you will never go and that some of them have people sleeping underneath them. You remember that you saw two of them.

You remember the couple screaming at each other and the cluster of police cars and the faces of the normally unshakable Las Vegas Metro police looking a bit pale and drawn.

If you live in the city long enough your mind becomes pleasantly inured to the ragged edges behind the bright neon face it puts forward.

I think it is a defense mechanism. This is a great city one that will be re

MJ live

Las Vegas is a place old acts go to be reborn _ Photo by Royal Hopper

membered in history. But it is not always a good one.

It’s a harsh way of saying that sometimes you need to be detached _ to roll on down the road and take in the sunshine and ignore the potholes, the whores, the drunks passed out on the sidewalk and homeless guys dressed like big bird . . . . And let them stay in their dark little corners ..workers (2).JPG
If you are going to have a good day in the City of Sin. Sometimes you need to be blissfully ignorant. You need to paint your mind in pretty colors in the banal poetry of neon and sand and let the chips fall where they may.

That life in the City of Sin
Take Care Sinners

rs ..


My Dogs because I love my dogs _ Photo by Royal Hopper


Really _ Photo by Royal Hopper

How things are in the City of Sin

by Royal Hopper


Things are not always what they seem in the City of Sin and sometimes they are. We have talked about this before but with summer coming on in Sin City it bears repeating. Lets start with this observation.

On a pleasant spring day drive down a Sin City byway you see a man walking down the street pushing a bicycle with one hand. It is not an unusual sight in any western city to see a man and his bicycle except this is less than three feet high and bears a bright white and pink basket with pink ribbons and brightly painted pink and yellow flowers.

shopping cart

A man and his cart _ Royal Hopper

It is a child’s bike designed for pre-shoolers.

Now there are several possibilities. He could be bringing a birthday present to his young daughter or niece. Yeah that could be it. He could actually be a transvestite midget wearing realistic three foot stilts under his dirty stoned washed blue jeans and the bike could be for him. Yeah that could be it.

Maybe he found it one the sidewalk near the busy intersection because 6-year olds often go bike riding in the middle of the day near a busy Sin City intersection. That could be it ..it could .. . . It could.

shopping couple

A couple that shops together _ Royal Hopper

Maybe he stole the damn thing.. Maybe that is it. You really don’t know.

On the same day you see a woman in slinky black walking down the avenue toward a group of men. She could be a working girl working the corner and the men are her potential clients that could be. She could be a stripper too drunk to walk and dress at the same time.

Then she turns toward the bus stop absent mindedly dragging on a hoodie and checking the contents of her bag which looked to be groceries .she was a cocktail waitress or just a waitress to tired from a long day at work to put on a jacket as she walked out of the casino.


You get the idea

In the city anything is possible. The entire length and breath of good and bad possibilities are right in front of you every time you walk out the door. The most innocent of sights can be utterly diabolic and the most suspicious of transactions can be utterly innocent.

It’s why I love this city and hate it too. It’s why some days you say “ man I live in Las Vegas” and other days you say “damn I live in Las Vegas.”

Its not a bad B Movie plot. Its just life in the City of Sin.

Take Care Sinners

The Past the future and driving Las Vegas


By Royal Hopper

super parking

Super Parking as opposed to non super parking ? Photo by Royal Hopper


I was driving down the street of Las Vegas the other day doing something boring and I had the strangest sense of déjà vu. As I was waiting for the man in the shopping cart to finish his jay walking across the street so I wouldn’t run over him. I remembered nearly 27 years before waiting for a group of coyotes to cross the road in a part of Sin City that now boasts thousands of barbecuing, hot tub sitting, sun screen wearing suburbanites and their dogs.

street musician

Musician walking – Photo by Royal Hopper

Lots of things have changed in the City of Sin since that day in 1989 I first set foot in Bugsy’s misadventure, Elvis’ second home the desert hideaway named after the Spanish word for Meadows and called the City of Sin.

Vegas is a city is a city now not a big town like it was back then. Homeless guys with shopping carts have replaced coyotes and drunken tourists. There are always things stumbling out onto the boulevard in this city _ the times just change the nature of that thing.

street scene with homeless guy

A man and his shopping cart _ Photo by Royal Hopper

Driving down the boulevard you see what you think are some new things _
a huge truck stop for a moment in the turn lane and hand a bag of food to a man who has seen better days. You see two women with spiked frosted hair walking down the street holding hands in the ancient ritual of lovers walking in the afternoon sun and nobody caring one way or the other and you think maybe times have changed. You also remember 1989 and the two men you saw kissing on the boulevard ..and remember that one of them was dressed as a woman.

You see a man handing out pamphlets for a religion you have never heard of before and you see two people from vastly different societies crossing paths _ competing for the same resource or taxi or space on crosswalk and the larger more physically impressive one giving way gracefully with a polite gesture allowing the stranger to go in peace.homeless guy with cart

You see a young man in a Lucky Strike T shirt boldly striding beside the parent from whom he surely got the idea of romanticizing a deadly habit as a symbol of rebelliousness and hipness from.. .. The father surely boasted the same shirt in 1989 when you first arrived in the City of Sin.

And you see strange hairdos that make you shake your head and long for the days when rebellion meant shoulder length and stoned washed blue jeans.


There is nothing cuter than Doggies _ Photo by Royal Hopper

The cross section of humanity you spy while driving down the boulevards and byways of a metropolis can tell you a lot about the character of a city _ its personality _ the part it tries to keep hidden from the brightly lit marble tile covered confines of its proper places of business but is the same game in 2016 that it was a 1989.

What do you conclude from all this. It is simple as the movie line says. “Some things change and some things don’t.” (Matrix 1999)

That’s life in the City of Sin boys and girls in 1989 and 2016

Take Care Sinners love you