I was here 2012

By Royal Hopper

This week in Vegas lots of very tough skater chicks crowded into one area casino sporting purple hair and pink hair. They wore roller skates, knee pads, leather, lace and nick names like Polly Poison and Risque Business, Vice City Rollers, the Bounty Hunter, the Bunny Hunters , Squash Squad, and Anita Nother. They spent the week skirmishing and learning their trade under a sign labled Short Bus Amazons and pool partied fron dusk til dawn.

I was here 2012What do you call such a week? I was trying to think of a title for this weeks rant and was wracking my brains without success when it hit me like a mountain boulder or rather I hit it, nearly tripped over it to be exact when I was hiking this last weekend.
It was there big as life on the rock I had tripped over the words that summed up the events of this week, purple hair scent selling, hallways full of Roller Derby Girls with no inhibitions I could discover and the occasional hacker decked out in their Rebel Yell best.

“I WAS HERE” said it all.

The fact I go hiking every weekend is no surprise and Yeah I know…totally yawn your grandma goes hiking and comes back smelling like petuli oil and burnt oregano and saying things like righteous Man and don’t be a drag……
The point isn’t that I got tired of being fat and decided to do something about it, it’s what I found half way up the Fletcher Canyon trail just north of Las Vegas.
There is a rock on the Fletcher Canyon trail at Spring Mountain Recreational Area just sticking up out of the ground the way rocks are prone to do on occasion and scrawled on side of the boulder were the words

“I was here 2012” in large dirty bone colored letters. I was here…I was here ….
The Derby Girls have been coming to the City of Sin for Years but this time there were many more and they were loud, brazen brightly colored and unapologetic with cool nicknames and black leather and plastic gear.


At one point several of them all sporting purple hair, purple hats and purple…..tatoos gathered at the corner of one Sin City swimming pool and took cheesecake pictures together like any Las Vegas tourists making sure to get Las Vegas landmarks in the background.
It was their way of saying I was here 2012.…I was here in this cool place …I was here.

Some people are like shadows moving through the world without the desire or need to be anything, a reflection of the space they take up. You see them everywhere you skulking around plain Jane and unnoticed ..well at least you see them in other places.
One of the reasons people come to the City of Sin to paint the words “I was here” in photos and memory like a group that later gathered at the front of the hotel in full Roller Derby regalia.

They took take pictures with a group of bronze statues of scantily clad ladies. This is something thousands of people have done before in this particular spot and thousands will do afterwards as a way of saying. I Was Here…and I can prove it.
The Vice City rollers were there, in the City of Sin in 2012; the Squash Squad was there. On Friday the hard hitting Rocky Mountain Roller girls were there edging the Minnesota Roller Girls 114 to 143 in one of the Roller Con scrimmages.
Nearby dozens of roller girls stood in a circle listening to trainers brought in by the managers of the Roller Derby convention to hone their skating and ….roller derbying skills.
“I look for the natural hole explained one instructor. If its not there then disengage and start over,” she explained talking about ways to break through the line of enemy skaters to score points of the competitive kind.
I was there 2012

This is also a conversation I overheard this week.
“Even if you are a virgin it should be more natural by now. I’m really confused right now,” said one player to another as they walked down hallway together.

One person was discovered sleeping on the sidewalk in front of the hotel she was just was asked to leave. Another group of Derby Girls was making noise in the a quiet area of one hotel and when approached about the noise turned to her friend and stated my wife was a little loud and then looked at me as if I was supposed to be shocked.
Like that is going to happen.

Every day people who visit this city go to extreme efforts to prove they were here, taking pictures in the oddest places even to the point of asking if they could have a copy of the picture security guards were taking of them as they are escorted away from the free drinks and colorfully clad Roller Girls who probably would have beat the crap out of their skinny asses if they had continued harassing them.
As I walked past one group of very large strong looking women with admirable assets and said “good morning ladies,” I walked round the corner and overheard them saying ….why, why …why me…” What does mean?

My favorite group of Roller Girls was the one group clad head to toe in red white and blue strolling arm in arm across a casino floor stopping to take pictures and having pictures taken of them.

I was here smily face dust bunny shows people are desperate to be known

I was here

I was here something some of us spend most of our lives trying communicate to future, to the ages to whoever is listening. I was here. I mattered in this place in time at least enough to tell everybody.

Such is life in the City of Sin
Til Next Week
Take Care

Jogger report: Joggers were scarce this week either they were too tired or it was just to hot. I thought I saw a whole heard of them running down the street tired by age and size but it was just a family running for the bus. . Quite honestly I saw almost as many people laying on the street as I did running down it and met one person who was certain his family had been kidnapped by mysterious unnamed villains as he sat in the sports book.

Cliches and tragedies in the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper

This was a sad week. My heart goes out to the families of all those killed by the madman in Colorado. May they Rest in Peace and may their killer never know any. (sorry I’m not that forgiving)
Let me start with a story about priorities

Clichés can be useful teachers. Consider that to become hackneyed and cliché it has to be constant and often repeated . In light of this fact it might be disheartening to hear how much more childish and angry parents are than children.
Lets face it we and by we I mean humans are angry, angry people. 
The angry parent at sporting events story that occurred this week in Vegas  has become a cliché of modern life.
Kids at a basketball tourney held in Las Vegas were fairly well behaved but some their parents had to be kicked out of the tournament for fighting in the stands. One of them said something inappropriate and another decided to choke her. Priorities people and another time the fighting parties disappeared before guards could arrive to break the fight up.
Your kids have plenty of time to pick up hookers named Bambi, and get in drunken fights at casino bars over nothing while Bambi’s friend pick your pocket or act like ten-year-old and threaten to beat the crap out of anybody who points that out….let them freakin be kids. They are not you their better than you don’t try to change them.
It is freakin sad when the kids are

Flags fly at half staff in Henderson, Nevada early morning after

this weeks sad events. I know the photo is blurry but it was to much

to pass up


more responsible Sin City patrons than their older parents.  Cliché one …you can lead a mule to water but you can’t make act like a horse or a grown up….

It was humid this week and the nasty weather cast a pall or the entire city….

Generally speaking old men who can’t walk or breath without help hauling vacuum cleaners don’t cause people to melt down with rage. I heard a story about the city of sin that does not make me proud live here.
I did not see this but it was relayed to me by a person I trust implicitly and without qualification …my wife Tammy.
Apparently an older man and from what she told me this man was close to being decrepit was in one of those scooters and looked like he actually needed it and was hauling something I think she said it was a vacuum cleaner ad he bumped, bumped mind you into an SUV doing as far as Tammy could tell no damage was done to the vehicle but the driver lost her mind and began screaming at the gentleman.
Which I have a problem with.
Remember but for the grace of Heaven there go I and will eventually.

First of all although I know many of you will disagree I was raised to

My truck is the one on the corner—Photo Royal


believe you don’t scream at older people you show them respect and kindness even if they don’t deserve  it_ especially if they don’t deserve it. She called the police for God/Goddess/ Buddha, Fred the Wonder Goat’s sake.
The old man took the entire incident stoically from what I could gather. Seriously lady get a hobby. You get more flies and smiles with honey than with vinegar and harpy’s have no friends.

It was a dark and stormy night..well not really it is the desert but it did rain this week.

On the way to work this week I had to put gas in my tired old GMC Sonoma. It was 420 a.m. and to be honest I was tired, not looking forward to going to work that day for whatever reason and was not in a mood not to be bothered by anyone.
The clerk while not completely unpleasing to the eye was a dingbat and was giggling to herself like a female Beavis and Butthead character. “Is that it he he he,” she sounded like   ( see http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0105950/ or http://www.mtv.com/shows/beavis_and_butthead/series.jhtml ) for Beavis and Butthead point of reference.
 As I  was walking back to my truck to put gas in tank, I noticed the lady who had been in front of me in line inside the store had simply walked out the door and sat down on the side walk to smoke …(no place to go maybe)
 A rolling stone gathers no moss and doesn’t smoke when they don’t have anywhere to go.

As I was putting gas in the truck  I saw a scrawny half starved cat crossing concrete where the pumps sat. A woman younger than the woman sitting on the sidewalk, younger than me asked me if I smoked ..
I’m guessing she wanted more than a cigarette and brother, (no disrespect if somehow you manage to read this darlin’) she looked rough.
I said that I didn’t smoke and she looked nonplussed and walked over to another motorist and began talking to him as I left the gas station. I’m not sure what she was doing but I think the cat belonged to her and maybe she was just trying to get a smoke for herself. Maybe the cat her pet but being a cat ignored her cutey baby talk and walked toward the spot the pigeons usually hang out to scavenge left over food of hunt for unwary pigeons.
Maybe it was the early hours or maybe it was the four cups of coffee I had before leaving home but I swear the Cat winked at me and rolled her eyes at the woman as she (and I’m sure the cat was a she) walked by.
A cigarette in the hand is worth two in the bush or a ride to Reno ?????

 Lastly I would  like to talk about the man from Denmark who I and another security officer discovered leaning against a sign by the Paigow pit.
He was so drunk he literally could not speak and do you know while I was waiting for the other guard to return with a wheel chair to take this drunken Dane to his room do you know what he asked for…a beer…..He was a nice enough fellow to be sure but I could have painted him purple and dressed him like a cocktail waitress and he would never have known the difference.
Sometimes the hair of the dog that but you is not what you need to recover.
I say this with the greatest sensitivity I can but if you walk into a Vegas casino and walk off and leave your wallet and expect it to still be there when you return ….maybe you shouldn’t drive home because brother I want some of what you are smoking.
Two men shopping cart by their side stopped at a trashcan searching through it for cans and eating some of the treasures they discovered and finally simply lifting the bag out of the can and carrying it off with them in the shopping cart. Just down the road tourist walked by in their plaid shorts sweating to beat the band in the unusually humid southern Nevada air taking pictures street signs with $500 cameras and security guards at one casino helped police corral a thief who had the gall to come back to the place he had robbed for the backpack he had left at the scene when committing the crime.

It is a tale told by a tourist full of free drinks and glitter signifying its Monday …..

Such is life in the city of sin
Til next Week
Take Care

Jogger report:

Sadly or perhaps not so much. Most of the joggers this week were normal people except maybe for the guy with the pink shoes and bright yellow shirt and the two Snooky wannabes with all decked out in Feaux rebellious black generous anatomy jiggling as they walked rather than ran down the street.

Humans is the craziest people or Bumblebee and the pros battle the world

By Royal Hopper


Imagine your sitting next to a giant Latin Bumblebee Transformer, across from a black Spiderman and a drunken old Lady who wonders why the machines in the casino are trying to take her money.
“Why would they do that,” she reportedly said.
Now imagine an argument develops with between the lady and another player and the two superheroes jump to lady’s defense. The other player shouted at the lady in Spanish and the Latin Bumblebee berated the aggressor also in Spanish and Spiderman jumps to both their defenses much like the real Spiderman would have done.
No it’s not a Sci Fi Convention in San Francisco or a action clip from latest superhero sit com. It was and is a normal day in a Las Vegas casino this week in the City of Sin.
People here are into playing games and wearing uniforms. They like traditional kinds of insanity like man sized cartoon superheroes, yellow robotic space aliens and drunken grandmas.



Working conditions matter even to working girls

Imagine two every attractive pros, and in Vegas that means exactly what you think it means, two very attractive pros are standing toe to toe in a Vegas strip casino arguing loudly enough to attract the attention of not one, not two or even three, but four security guards.
 The guards stood a few yards distant for the loudly arguing pair to make sure the argument didn’t explode into real trouble. Well, okay the security guards attentiveness  might have had something to do with the fact both of these professional pleasure princesses were drop dead gorgeous, wore six inch spike heels and short, short skirts that highlighted the best features on their six foot tall frames.
Apparently the two are partners, business partners I mean and one of them called the other to tell her they had a job, I assume a job together and I assume that they were both going to do what pleasure princesses do for mysterious wealthy men in Las Vegas hotel rooms.
The only problem is when the one got there after walking several blocks (lets call her Valley Girl because she talked like a Val or just Bambi yeah lets call her Bambi) the deed was already done and there was no money to be made.
“Dude,” said the one pleasure princess to the other, “ I walked to (name of casino deleted) that’s messed up.” Even if the use of the word dude by an extremely attractive dark skinned beauty like this wasn’t enough of surprise seeing her face to face with her partner in kissing distance screaming like a banshee was worrisome.
“No not really it was freakin hot…and kind of funny….” They calmed down eventually and went upstairs with dozens of pairs of eyes following them as they walked.
Like I say people here like the wild life but they prefer traditional kinds of insanity especially if it wears six inch spikes and has shapely legs a mile long and very large….eyes.

Down the Street at another Las Vegas Boulevard  property a man dressed in strange rags began railing against everything at people walking into the property, shouting about the end of the world and how both presidential candidates are demons from somewhere south of the infernal city of Dis (Dante’s Inferno) Guadalajara or Russell Avenue.
A few days later the same working girls who were shouting at each other earlier in the week are in civies playing slots. 

The bald headed player

A young man who was three sheets to the wind four sheets ago spent an hour walking around flirting with every other man under 60 he could find and a few who weren’t batting his eyelids and rubbing his bald head saying something to the effect of.
“Somebody call lady luck and tell her to let me win,” to older guys who were mostly to confused to be angry or uncomfortable.
 I guess everybody here loves traditional kinds of insanity and everybody uses cheesy pick up lines on guys…girls…uuhh whatever on people twice their age these days.

Kiss my Butt the Vegas motto—Photo by Royal and Reddy



Lastly thousands of people packed a Las Vegas hotel to play in a Bingo tourney with thousands of dollars at stake as thousands of grandmothers and granddaughters sat side by side blotters (daubers they are properly called) full of rainbow colored ink hovering above their Bingo cards and waiting for the right alignment of numbers and letters to make them a winner slugging whiskey sours and toking oxygen while playing a game that was once the mainstay of church fund raisers.
People here like traditional forms of insanity here and Bingo in Vegas ..well come on…

For brevity’s sake I’m going to include the jogger report in the main body of this week’s column. Mostly they were the ordinary type. Some were the oh crap type. It was as if they suddenly remembered  “oh crap jogging is hard I’ll walk.” Then there was the guy who was so inspiring jogging down the street in a full suit of clothes other joggers started to join him in his fully clothed jog fest. He was running for the bus  and stopped after half a block when he reached the bus stop.
It rained in the desert this week and made the city muggy and the homeless cleaner,  the tourist smellier and water dripped from unseen places in hotels larger than some cities.

Such is life in the City of Sin.
Til next Week
Take Care



Aint it cool —Photo by Royal

Hot time summer in Sin City

By Royal Hopper

The one truly focused and self honest person I saw in the city of sin looked like warmed over death and had more dirt on his orange sweat short than orange. The thin grimy predatory look he wore spoke of survival instinct turned on to full and a total lack of pretense. Whatever demon had turned off his reason had also turned off his ability to be impressed by the worlds largest generator of phony neon feel good in the world. As he walked down Las Vegas boulevard passed a man proclaiming the end of the world or cheap vodka tonics perhaps the same thing to him he was unimpressed by the holiday bizarreness that infected the City of Sin this week.

Most people associate Las Vegas with holidays like New Years Eve but the truth is July 4, as odd as it may sound is the quintessential City of Sin holiday.

July 4 is bright, loud, noisy and simple

A Neon Star in the city of Sin

It involves drinking, overindulging in everything, huge displays that have nothing to do with the meaning of the holiday and offers no apologies for its nature, flaws or the Id monsters it indulges by expression of that very nature. In other words its just like any other Tuesday in the City of Sin.
People see the native peacocks strutting their Sin City stuff, hear the snippets of theme songs from long deceased TV shows mixing with a rock the 70s hits soundtrack and the Vegas ego and id monster jump out of the corners of their subconscious, screams its ugly head off and demands to be heard.
Maybe that’s what the man who stood with his girlfriend on a dark lone Sin City street corner at 5 a.m. waiting for the light to change and screamed “Oh come on,” at the top of his lungs perhaps thinking the homeless guy walking down the street three blocks away or the casino shift worker waiting to turn into the darkened back road parking lot would suddenly make the light turn colors.
“Listen if you shout loud enough the lighst will change and the world will; think your scary tough,” said the ego monsters as they roared in his head.

Even the birds seemed a little out of it this week

Like the crow I saw wrestling with what I thought was a brown beetle or piece of bread. I was curious and tried to get a closer look and the crow flew away and continued to wrestle with the brown object which turned out to be a cigarette butt. The crow had devoured the last few shreds of tobacco in the butt I guess for the nicotine and then abandoned it flying off the enjoy his nicotine buzz.
“This beetle taste like crap but it makes me really stoned and it sucks being a crow the crow must have thought. (Actually it was probably a lot

like caw caw caw but what the hell.”)
This week there were lots of crazy crows in town wrestling with imaginary beetles stuffed with cheap tobacco.
Perhaps it this kind of craziness that caused a plastic water bottle to be knocked off a window ledge out of a window. Fortunately the mischievous prankster bird didn’t figure on the fact the bottle empty and it hit harmlessly on the concrete.

One guests swears a bird swooped down and stole his silver ring from where it sat on near their spot at the pool making off with cawing like a taunting trickster as he flew just out of reach and deposited the silver ring in his rooftop hideaway. Other that insisting the bird spoke like Paul McCartney and was there for him (cymbals crashing and a deep horn sounding eerily)

You also see a lot of people and birds apparently doing things because something drives them to do it. Something as simple a conditioned response or a physical addiction or as complex as the hidden monsters of the Id we have discussed before lying dormant until the odd amalgam of Disney Land childlike wonder and hedonist indulgence, of instant concern and practiced apathy that is the City of Sin lets it out of the bag.
A story I have told before. In my second week or so at the Mirage Hotel Casino in 1989 when the shine and polish was still on the then groundbreaking new property a man won a jackpot as thousands have done in this city before and thousands since. It was $30,000 modest by modern Vegas standards but apparently it blew his mind.
This respectable guy ( I guess) left his wife in their hotel room took everything including their plane ticket and the jackpot

remember the sign guy …Photo by Royal

                                                                                                                                                               he had won and hitched a ride with female personage

( rumor said it was one of our cocktail waitresses but I never found out for sure) to a nearby town to blow his jackpot. We chased after this gentleman and by we I mean Mirage security which I was a part of at the time but he was already gone.

Think about it this guy probably lost far more than $30,000 when his wife or her lawyer caught up with him and while I’m sure whatever drove him had been brewing for awhile buy would it have jumped out of the shadows like that if not for this unique incredible, occasionally generous and sometimes cruel city.

The guest insisted the security guard chase the thieving crow down overcoming whatever obstacles were in the way including this case scaling a six story tower
“ Uuuuhhh No , I believe was the answer followed by an annoyed snort.
Walking down the street in the city of sin at any given time you can see people moving with purpose, going to work, trying to find a decent place to eat lunch, searching for a spot on the street with good cell reception, or getting on the bus on their way home doing all the things that people do because people do them and then there are people who do things because something drives them.
As it turned out a bout of unexpected desert rain rendered this year’s City of Sin July 4 more of a drunken growl than either whimper or bang…

It was like someone threw open the doors of the asylum and shouted free prozac for anyone who acts like a crazy asshole with no manners, intelligence or sense of reality come on down…….and they listened.
Perhaps that’s what drove the man who stood at the front desk of a local hotel screaming his head off because he wanted the standard $150 hold on his credit card removed so he could afford gas back to Los Angles ??????????????? Seriously if $150 puts you in the poor house what the split hoofed Bovine intercourse are you doing in a city that is designed from top to bottom to take it away from you. The hand shakes here can cost $50 more if you drink the fizzy grape juice spiked with unknown chemicals offered by girls named after farm animals.
The man demanded his money be refunded right away not in the 45 minutes it actually took to do it. He was “86ed”

Las Vegas skyline —Photo by Royal

Today outside the man with the shopping cart and the huge tunic like yellow, orange and red striped shirt once more shouted the words his demons were whispering in his ear as passersby and anyone who would listen, joggers in $3,000 designer neon jogged down the boulevard past a teenager with a crown of colorful balloons on her head and confused tourist took pictures of street signs and walked across busy intersections blissfully unaware that they were taking their lives in their hands.

Such is life in the City of Sin
Til Next Week
Take Care

Jogger report:
The joggers were out in force this week and look pretty the style of the day

Memory is an Option

By Royal Hopper

 I meant to start this weeks column with some deep thoughts about human nature but the character I spotted crossing Las Vegas boulevard this week washed those thoughts right out of my tired mind.
“What are you looking at,” is what the man dressed in shiny black leggings, (boots, ????)   a pink short sleeved button up shirt, with a faded denim vest over it and colorful knee length shorts appeared to be saying to imaginary friends and inanimate objects as he crossed the street.. He was pissed at something or somebody. It could be he heard the 80s revival show was fully stocked and the Las Vegas break dancing team wasn’t taking auditions. Whatever the case Mr. Pink shirt Denim vest talking to pieces of machinery guy is the City of Sin Peacock of the week.
Can you picture it ????It takes a lot to make a man who sales time shares on a Las Vegas street corner to lose it but the one I saw standing on the corner where Mr. Pink Shirt crossed the street was laughing his ass off….

Stop–Slightly altered photo by Royal


No sweat brightly colored pink shirt guy. Even after a long day at work I’d just as soon forget I remember guys like you and chicks like 60s chic chick that I saw a couple of days later. She rocked the wine colored hippie chick slacks and striped long sleeved shirt and beret that could have been yanked right out of the 1975 J.C. Penny hippie chick catalogue although I am told there were no true hippies created after 1974 there were hangers on in the 70s. I saw dozens of outfits just like this throughout my teenage years and much like Elvis you can still see them every day more or less in the City of Sin.
…and you know that’s all right…it really  is


Before I get very far into this weeks rant I want to once again scream compliments at the elderly German rockers of the Scorpions hard rock mega band and their opening act the 80s hard rock group Tesla for last weeks awesome ( if I may use a hackneyed cliché)  concert. Here in Sin City amongst a sea of imitation Elvi (plural for Elvis) Rat Pack inheritors and perversely talented and perverse acrobats this collection of old rockers was a pleasant surprise.Vegas may now be the town old acts go to kick ass one last time or one last tour because these old bastards rocked the house for two hours and their opening act 80s hard rock phoneme Tesla most of whom were my age ( I remember disco that’s all I will say) offered no apologies and had the crowd easting from their hands.

I lost it ….
People lose stuff in this city.
 A lot of what they lose is very mundane like their money or their wallets some of it more esoteric like their pride, their virginity or their sanity.

Sometimes the stuff people lose is pretty weird.
It has been said that the function of people in this society is to buy stuff….and stuff is what peoole here in Vegas have the most trouble holding on to.
When I worked at Treasure Island in the 90s one forgetful guest left his glass eye sitting on the night stand  in his room.
I have seen people leave oxygen bottles, wheelchairs, and artificial limbs lying near a bank of slot machines. That’s’ right people even leave artificial legs and arms where they don’t belong. Imagine being so drunk you hop away from a slot machine leaving one of your arms or legs laying next to the free Vodka tonic you have been slurping for seven hours straight and do not notice. 
Groups lose individuals all the time even to the point of driving away and being half way home before they realize they are one man short.


Talk about being ditched
Imagine your in a foreign land where you don’t speak the language and you wake up realizing you have been left behind and spend several tense minutes trying to explain yourself to the hotel employees who are sent to tell you your room has been rented and is supposed to be empty.
A man who doesn’t speak English, he was Chinese in this case was left in his hotel room by his tour group because he got a little tipsy and fell asleep forgetting his tour bus was ready to leave.
“Tours……..” the man who was incredibly polite under the circumstances said followed by a long polite string of Chinese words no one understood.
His tour group in fact left him asleep and probably intoxicated in the room and he only realized he had been well and truly ditched  when security guards came to roust him from the room because the room was supposed to be vacant. He came to the door in his underwear having been asleep minutes ago and after several minutes of ridiculous sign language and the idiotic human habit of believing that if you repeat yourself often enough and speak slowly people who don’t speak your language suddenly will understand you.
“You have to go to the front desk and pay for another day…Yoooouuuuu  hhhaaaaaavvvee tooo goo to the fffrrroooonnnnttt ddddddeeeeessssk and paaaaayyyyy….” You get the idea.

Looking into the desert from a Vegas roof top   –Photo by Royal


Can you picture It…
Sin City Memory loss bullet  points from this week
* Help my purse was stolen from the bar I was at,“ said one Sin City hotel guest. “No wait she later told hotel employees. It was while I was at the slot machines. No wait it might be in my room…..????  She said perhaps being embarrassed when it was discovered wedged in between two slot machine where she had left it forgotten and alone.
This is not an uncommon occurrence. More than once casino customers have walked up the security booth in the casino they happened to be in and asked if anyone had turned in their wallet/watch/whatever and admitted they had no idea where it might be or even if they had been in that particular hotel the night before.
“It is probably somewhere between here and Caesar’s Palace,” said one patron squinting her attractive eyes at the security guard on duty
* There was a man this week that forgot to pay his $40 bill at the Steak House he ate at until he realized he had left his cell phone worth far more and containing who knows what information at the self same table he had eaten the ill-gotten piece of beef. Perhaps he was just so intoxicated he walked away from the table without paying his bill or picking up his phone from where it lay.

A bridge player was sitting quietly in her bridge playing chair when it collapsed ….and she asked for an ambulance to be called.
As I had said before we are what we are Mickey Mouse sweat shirt minimalism or talking to fence posts Peacock Proud and Bawdy, regular guy plain or big, bright and extroverted and talking to inanimate objects and reacting when they talk back the City of Sin welcomes you all. Come and be yourself only keep one hand on your wallet and the other on your cell phone…to take pictures of the people you see.

Oh and incidentally if you call a …girl to your room… for a massage yeah that’s it a massage and she asks you to take a shower before you start …massaging ….chances are when you get out of the shower your stuff including your wallet and your Mickey Mouse sweat shirt will be gone.


A crowd of fans waits outside the Thomas and Mack  a week ago for the 

Scoprpions and Tesla concert —Photo by Royal

This week’s Jogger report
Dog walking down Las Vegas Boulevard is the latest fad in Sin City morning exercise.
During this week a man was seen walking his dog down the strip in the hot summer Nevada sun.  Later the man was seen carrying the dog who apparently had more sense than his master and decided to stop walking in the hot desert sun.
The joggers seem to get better looking as the season wears on perhaps because middle aged  fat joggers like me had an epiphany while jogging in formation with his fellow soldiers while serving in the late Cold War US Army sometime in the late 80s.
Running a lot and being hot sucks big rocks. I hike which is really walking with attitude and style someplace somewhere there are BFRs and cactus and I look cool doing it (which is important)


Such is Life in the City of Sin

Til Next Week

Take Care