Cliches and tragedies in the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper

This was a sad week. My heart goes out to the families of all those killed by the madman in Colorado. May they Rest in Peace and may their killer never know any. (sorry I’m not that forgiving)
Let me start with a story about priorities

Clichés can be useful teachers. Consider that to become hackneyed and cliché it has to be constant and often repeated . In light of this fact it might be disheartening to hear how much more childish and angry parents are than children.
Lets face it we and by we I mean humans are angry, angry people. 
The angry parent at sporting events story that occurred this week in Vegas  has become a cliché of modern life.
Kids at a basketball tourney held in Las Vegas were fairly well behaved but some their parents had to be kicked out of the tournament for fighting in the stands. One of them said something inappropriate and another decided to choke her. Priorities people and another time the fighting parties disappeared before guards could arrive to break the fight up.
Your kids have plenty of time to pick up hookers named Bambi, and get in drunken fights at casino bars over nothing while Bambi’s friend pick your pocket or act like ten-year-old and threaten to beat the crap out of anybody who points that out….let them freakin be kids. They are not you their better than you don’t try to change them.
It is freakin sad when the kids are

Flags fly at half staff in Henderson, Nevada early morning after

this weeks sad events. I know the photo is blurry but it was to much

to pass up


more responsible Sin City patrons than their older parents.  Cliché one …you can lead a mule to water but you can’t make act like a horse or a grown up….

It was humid this week and the nasty weather cast a pall or the entire city….

Generally speaking old men who can’t walk or breath without help hauling vacuum cleaners don’t cause people to melt down with rage. I heard a story about the city of sin that does not make me proud live here.
I did not see this but it was relayed to me by a person I trust implicitly and without qualification …my wife Tammy.
Apparently an older man and from what she told me this man was close to being decrepit was in one of those scooters and looked like he actually needed it and was hauling something I think she said it was a vacuum cleaner ad he bumped, bumped mind you into an SUV doing as far as Tammy could tell no damage was done to the vehicle but the driver lost her mind and began screaming at the gentleman.
Which I have a problem with.
Remember but for the grace of Heaven there go I and will eventually.

First of all although I know many of you will disagree I was raised to

My truck is the one on the corner—Photo Royal


believe you don’t scream at older people you show them respect and kindness even if they don’t deserve  it_ especially if they don’t deserve it. She called the police for God/Goddess/ Buddha, Fred the Wonder Goat’s sake.
The old man took the entire incident stoically from what I could gather. Seriously lady get a hobby. You get more flies and smiles with honey than with vinegar and harpy’s have no friends.

It was a dark and stormy night..well not really it is the desert but it did rain this week.

On the way to work this week I had to put gas in my tired old GMC Sonoma. It was 420 a.m. and to be honest I was tired, not looking forward to going to work that day for whatever reason and was not in a mood not to be bothered by anyone.
The clerk while not completely unpleasing to the eye was a dingbat and was giggling to herself like a female Beavis and Butthead character. “Is that it he he he,” she sounded like   ( see or ) for Beavis and Butthead point of reference.
 As I  was walking back to my truck to put gas in tank, I noticed the lady who had been in front of me in line inside the store had simply walked out the door and sat down on the side walk to smoke …(no place to go maybe)
 A rolling stone gathers no moss and doesn’t smoke when they don’t have anywhere to go.

As I was putting gas in the truck  I saw a scrawny half starved cat crossing concrete where the pumps sat. A woman younger than the woman sitting on the sidewalk, younger than me asked me if I smoked ..
I’m guessing she wanted more than a cigarette and brother, (no disrespect if somehow you manage to read this darlin’) she looked rough.
I said that I didn’t smoke and she looked nonplussed and walked over to another motorist and began talking to him as I left the gas station. I’m not sure what she was doing but I think the cat belonged to her and maybe she was just trying to get a smoke for herself. Maybe the cat her pet but being a cat ignored her cutey baby talk and walked toward the spot the pigeons usually hang out to scavenge left over food of hunt for unwary pigeons.
Maybe it was the early hours or maybe it was the four cups of coffee I had before leaving home but I swear the Cat winked at me and rolled her eyes at the woman as she (and I’m sure the cat was a she) walked by.
A cigarette in the hand is worth two in the bush or a ride to Reno ?????

 Lastly I would  like to talk about the man from Denmark who I and another security officer discovered leaning against a sign by the Paigow pit.
He was so drunk he literally could not speak and do you know while I was waiting for the other guard to return with a wheel chair to take this drunken Dane to his room do you know what he asked for…a beer…..He was a nice enough fellow to be sure but I could have painted him purple and dressed him like a cocktail waitress and he would never have known the difference.
Sometimes the hair of the dog that but you is not what you need to recover.
I say this with the greatest sensitivity I can but if you walk into a Vegas casino and walk off and leave your wallet and expect it to still be there when you return ….maybe you shouldn’t drive home because brother I want some of what you are smoking.
Two men shopping cart by their side stopped at a trashcan searching through it for cans and eating some of the treasures they discovered and finally simply lifting the bag out of the can and carrying it off with them in the shopping cart. Just down the road tourist walked by in their plaid shorts sweating to beat the band in the unusually humid southern Nevada air taking pictures street signs with $500 cameras and security guards at one casino helped police corral a thief who had the gall to come back to the place he had robbed for the backpack he had left at the scene when committing the crime.

It is a tale told by a tourist full of free drinks and glitter signifying its Monday …..

Such is life in the city of sin
Til next Week
Take Care

Jogger report:

Sadly or perhaps not so much. Most of the joggers this week were normal people except maybe for the guy with the pink shoes and bright yellow shirt and the two Snooky wannabes with all decked out in Feaux rebellious black generous anatomy jiggling as they walked rather than ran down the street.

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