I was here 2012

By Royal Hopper

This week in Vegas lots of very tough skater chicks crowded into one area casino sporting purple hair and pink hair. They wore roller skates, knee pads, leather, lace and nick names like Polly Poison and Risque Business, Vice City Rollers, the Bounty Hunter, the Bunny Hunters , Squash Squad, and Anita Nother. They spent the week skirmishing and learning their trade under a sign labled Short Bus Amazons and pool partied fron dusk til dawn.

I was here 2012What do you call such a week? I was trying to think of a title for this weeks rant and was wracking my brains without success when it hit me like a mountain boulder or rather I hit it, nearly tripped over it to be exact when I was hiking this last weekend.
It was there big as life on the rock I had tripped over the words that summed up the events of this week, purple hair scent selling, hallways full of Roller Derby Girls with no inhibitions I could discover and the occasional hacker decked out in their Rebel Yell best.

“I WAS HERE” said it all.

The fact I go hiking every weekend is no surprise and Yeah I know…totally yawn your grandma goes hiking and comes back smelling like petuli oil and burnt oregano and saying things like righteous Man and don’t be a drag……
The point isn’t that I got tired of being fat and decided to do something about it, it’s what I found half way up the Fletcher Canyon trail just north of Las Vegas.
There is a rock on the Fletcher Canyon trail at Spring Mountain Recreational Area just sticking up out of the ground the way rocks are prone to do on occasion and scrawled on side of the boulder were the words

“I was here 2012” in large dirty bone colored letters. I was here…I was here ….
The Derby Girls have been coming to the City of Sin for Years but this time there were many more and they were loud, brazen brightly colored and unapologetic with cool nicknames and black leather and plastic gear.


At one point several of them all sporting purple hair, purple hats and purple…..tatoos gathered at the corner of one Sin City swimming pool and took cheesecake pictures together like any Las Vegas tourists making sure to get Las Vegas landmarks in the background.
It was their way of saying I was here 2012.…I was here in this cool place …I was here.

Some people are like shadows moving through the world without the desire or need to be anything, a reflection of the space they take up. You see them everywhere you skulking around plain Jane and unnoticed ..well at least you see them in other places.
One of the reasons people come to the City of Sin to paint the words “I was here” in photos and memory like a group that later gathered at the front of the hotel in full Roller Derby regalia.

They took take pictures with a group of bronze statues of scantily clad ladies. This is something thousands of people have done before in this particular spot and thousands will do afterwards as a way of saying. I Was Here…and I can prove it.
The Vice City rollers were there, in the City of Sin in 2012; the Squash Squad was there. On Friday the hard hitting Rocky Mountain Roller girls were there edging the Minnesota Roller Girls 114 to 143 in one of the Roller Con scrimmages.
Nearby dozens of roller girls stood in a circle listening to trainers brought in by the managers of the Roller Derby convention to hone their skating and ….roller derbying skills.
“I look for the natural hole explained one instructor. If its not there then disengage and start over,” she explained talking about ways to break through the line of enemy skaters to score points of the competitive kind.
I was there 2012

This is also a conversation I overheard this week.
“Even if you are a virgin it should be more natural by now. I’m really confused right now,” said one player to another as they walked down hallway together.

One person was discovered sleeping on the sidewalk in front of the hotel she was just was asked to leave. Another group of Derby Girls was making noise in the a quiet area of one hotel and when approached about the noise turned to her friend and stated my wife was a little loud and then looked at me as if I was supposed to be shocked.
Like that is going to happen.

Every day people who visit this city go to extreme efforts to prove they were here, taking pictures in the oddest places even to the point of asking if they could have a copy of the picture security guards were taking of them as they are escorted away from the free drinks and colorfully clad Roller Girls who probably would have beat the crap out of their skinny asses if they had continued harassing them.
As I walked past one group of very large strong looking women with admirable assets and said “good morning ladies,” I walked round the corner and overheard them saying ….why, why …why me…” What does mean?

My favorite group of Roller Girls was the one group clad head to toe in red white and blue strolling arm in arm across a casino floor stopping to take pictures and having pictures taken of them.

I was here smily face dust bunny shows people are desperate to be known

I was here

I was here something some of us spend most of our lives trying communicate to future, to the ages to whoever is listening. I was here. I mattered in this place in time at least enough to tell everybody.

Such is life in the City of Sin
Til Next Week
Take Care

Jogger report: Joggers were scarce this week either they were too tired or it was just to hot. I thought I saw a whole heard of them running down the street tired by age and size but it was just a family running for the bus. . Quite honestly I saw almost as many people laying on the street as I did running down it and met one person who was certain his family had been kidnapped by mysterious unnamed villains as he sat in the sports book.

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