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A dude and his bike _and let me emphasize these are random photos from the city not friends or actors….. Royal Hopper

In this city something a simple as a drive to work can be a mystery in the making


Royal Hopper


You pull up to one corner on a sun baked Sin City byway and the first thing that catches your eye is a man bent over by age and exahaustion bending over his walker un-moving and unaware.
No one in the lane of cynical jaded Sinners seems to notice the not moving elder holding on to his walker bent at the waist his body leaning down well below the top of his metal framed skeleton of the device that helps him walk.
Is he even alive ?????
The light turns and you move on
Taking care to look over as you do

guys waiting for work.JPG
A little further down the road a young woman in purple with a long skirt walks down the side of the avenue holding her dress to her thing with one hand as if she isnt wearing anything under it ..her hair is done up in a purple ribbon ..her make up thick and obvious and afternoon sun and the dry heat of the desert wind are givign this chick hell as she tries to make her way down the road ..
Who is she what does she do ??? Should you stop to help……?????
The light turns and you move on
Taking care to look over before you do

You see a man sifting through a trash bin with an intensity usually reserved for grade B action movies …He comes upon one treasure and tosses it aside and his intensity increases as he gets deeper in the trash can .. he looks positively dangerous as he nears the bottom of the bin looking for something …Food ???? Cans ????clothes ????whatever ????
Still further you see a man moderately well dressed lying face up legs pointed in opposite directions exspenive sunglasses at an odd angle covering his eyes and half his face. …..He looks gone for sure …
The light changes and you drive on ..taking care to glance over as you do
What happens in the end….?

flags at trailer place.JPG
As you look over each time you see the man in the walker wakes up when the light changes and he is clear to walk across the road. You see him a few days later holding his sign at the same corner checking his watch for the next nap time perhaps???
Who is the woman in purple. Maybe she is a cocktail waitress in a sleazy bar on her way home to care for her 12 kids..maybe …maybe shes a member of the purple club on her way to the monthly meeting ….or shes a Ho ..taking a brake in the action
Before you move on down the road the man in the trash bin finds something holds in the air triumphantly puts it in a bag and walks back to his car ..?? You got me ??? WTF

As you pull away from the well dressed man …One of Las Vegas finest saunters up to him and nudges him awake ..Seeing that the nudger is a Las Vegas cop he stumbles to his feet waving his hand as if to say yeah ..yeah Im moving and stumbles down the road …..

That is life in the City of Sin and everywhere else ….What does it mean .?? Like the Ozmann sayeth Don’t ask me….. I don’t know …

urban sign jungle.JPG