Heartfelt condolences and hope for the people of Boston and all the people caught in Monday’s  cowardly bomb blast that shattered the Peace of the Boston Marathon 

Chuck Owns Everything 

By Royal Hopper

Chuck owns everything. He will tell you if you ask him. He owns several casinos, a hockey team or two a MacDonalds on the Strip and the rights to Michael Jackson song made after 1986.


Chuck owns everything and he will tell you so just like he tells every casino and business in Las Vegas that asks him to leave. Chuck gets angry when people kick him out of the place she owns and surely Chuck owns everything accept for a house, clean clothes and a firm grasp on reality.
Chuck if that is his real name is one of the denizens of the City of Sin who travel from place to place hanging out in all the places he owns until the people who actually you know own it kick him out back to his real home on a Sin City sidewalk.


Sometimes I think we would all be better off if we were like Chuck. The world would be just as screwed up but no one would be bothered by it, we’d just take turns kicking each other out of the places we own.
Chucks way of thinking is not unique to Chuck. Just ask homely looking Tokyo businessman with a face only a mother could love with two count them two hard bodies with their silicon enhanced mitts wrapped around his not inconsiderable arms.
I’m guessing he woke up hours after Bambi and Thumper left his room with no memory or money….”These chicks really dig me because I am a stud…” The look of Chuck was all over businessman face as he strolled arm in arm with these two beauties. All the chicks in Tokyo love me….really


What is an ubject exactly

Chuck says “I” own Tokyo and probably gets angry that they haven’t returned his phone calls in awhile.

Some people want you to believe they own the city in a different way.
I mean what better way to commemorate your trip to the City of Sin than to pretend to be passed out on the sidewalk while your friend takes pictures of you and posts them on Facebook. What better way to own the City of Sin.

So tell me does anybody actually fake being passed out on the side walk so their friends can post their drunken pictures on the social media. I swear to you I witnessed one tourist laying facedown in a Sin City street while a friend took pictures of him.


The one on the ground then rolled to his feet looking both clueless and conspiratorial and both trotted off down the boulevard .
The only conclusion I can come to is that either one was actually passed out on the sidewalk momentarily and his buddy was taking advantage of him or they both spent their weekend in Vegas watching Love Boat reruns and were to embarrassed to tell anybody.
The conversation may have gone something like….
“Hey dude lay down on the sidewalk and pretend to be drunk off your ass that way no one will know we never left the room…and we will put it on Facebook” Chuck says I own Facebook and they serve the best Pastrami in town.


Driving down the strip. You see people pausing to look at joggers in bikinis, people sitting on sidewalks selling bottled water, families taking pictures of each other standing in front of fake fountains, fake volcanoes and middle aged guys named Muarie pretending to be Spiderman.

Such is Life in the City of Sin
Until Next Time
Rock Fellow Sinners

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