Leaving me alone in the City of Sin

A green trophy guy poses on the boulevard last week in the the City of Sin – You guessed it photo by Royal…

Leaving me alone in the City of Sin

by Royal Hopper

Generally speaking when you lay on the concrete in a hidden Sin City breezeway next to a bathroom and don’t know what city you are in its time to call it a week and go home. That happens somewhat often in the City of Sin.

When asked what city they are in, these suspiciously well dressed people found laying on the ground will answer Los Angles or Denver and insist they have a room in a hotel they have never been in until passing out in a back portion of it.
“Weird huh,”

Sometimes when people appear to want to be left alone they really need someone to tell them …”No do not take that last purple pill….Stefano ..no don’t lay down on the concrete with your arms crossed like a deceased man …no don’t do that you idiot this is  a Las Vegas sidewalk not a pool party in the burbs. This guy was left alone when maybe somebody should have been a little nosy.
Down the road from passed out on the concrete guy on an older part of the Boulevard the head bobbing guy is at it again.
Every week on what seems to be a random day the head bobbing guy sits in front of an orange construction divider that protects Sin City tourists and patrons of a nearby burger joint from a construction site that has sat idle for years. Head bobbing guy sits down in leans back and bobs his head rapidly up and down.

This fellow is clearly sending out the leave me alone signals as
he waits for a Sin City bus late last week – Photo by Royal

Perhaps he is praying. Perhaps dancing to unseen dance floor tunes or rocking out to some awesome head banging music that played at his 15th birthday party back in the day and that none of the rest of us can hear or really want to hear for that matter. (Lets hear it for Weird Head Metal. I can hear the solo already).
Perhaps, praying, perhaps dancing silently perhaps remembering the good old days following Guns and Roses around SoCal ..yeah that could be …or perhaps he is just acting crazy so people will leave him alone while he stares out at the cityscape in his scary homeless guy outfit.

Not surprisingly most regular people  who pass by this frizzy haired Sin City Dead zone character leave the dude alone. ( I will not say normal people because this is Sin City you know) Sometimes when people act like they want to be left alone they really want to be left alone. Should you ?…I don’t have a clue….

A lady with a stroller, a man in a wheelchair and a rough looking
dude in a sweat suit stand at a Sin City Street corner. What do they
have in common??? Nothing Genius it was a trick question…
Photo by Royal

Down the road further still an older woman in a wheel chair sits parked in the same spot every day all alone, usually asleep or staring out at the Boulevard. I honestly do not know if she wishes to be left alone but when I see her she always is.
I thought I saw a child walking down the boulevard alone but ..He was just a little Person in a Winnie the Pooh jogging suit  who growled a little as people took pictures of him as he ran to meet the bus. …well he did kind of look like the Winnie the Pooh character.

Earlier that day a young woman and her shopping cart stood on a Sin City street corner. She wore a black dress cut cocktail waitress style and embroidered with gold lace designs. She just stood there in her gaudy seductive cocktail dress leaning on the shopping cart  Every day I drive down Tropicana on the way home from work I see a couple sitting on the side of the road as always sleeping eating or surviving the desert heat. I saw a bright neon green trophy standing on the boulevard, I saw Elvis, I saw kids wearing balloons on their heads and tourists with bags full of souvenir T-shirts complain about the price of the two for one lunch buffet.

What appears to be a man walking past a digital photo studio checking his digital device
past what appears to be a sidewalk portrait painter. Irony ? – Photo by Royal

Ahh well. Such is life in the City of Sin

Take care fellow Sinners
Rock the World any way you can


P.S. Las Vegas was full of pool players this week as the APA held its annual singles championship in the City of Sin. I hear one quite often an enterprising pool player will make it all the way to within ten feet of his room before deciding the final three steps were just to much effort and will lay down to sleep on the floor. I hear that…I’m just saying ..you know ……

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