The can made me angry

The can made me angry

by Royal Hopper

Anger can be a useful tool. Anger can be useful tool in fighting injustice, raising morale in military units and sometimes, sometimes it can be a useful tool in venting the frustration on aluminum cans that are lying on the ground because you threw them there.
“Damn cans.”


Damn cans _ Photo by Royal

As I pulled onto Las Vegas Boulevard late last week I spied a Sin City denizen venting his frustration on those damn aluminum cans. I spied him stumbling down the boulevard aluminum can in one hand _ medium waxed paper drink cup in the other. Suddenly as if struck by a great epiphany he stopped and looked at the two items in his hands. He looked back and forth between to two beverages as if weighing their individual worth and then suddenly threw the can on the ground and attempted to step on it missing by a scant six inches or so. Growing angrier at the can perhaps because of his bad aim he stumbled back a few steps and threw his entire weight behind a mighty stomp crushing the empty beer can like the mighty sidewalk warrior he was.


Fashion Conscious storm troopers??? Photo by Royal

The can was crushed flat as a lumpy pancake but the sidewalk warrior was not satisfied. He stumbled back another three steps and threw all his ethanol enhanced strength behind another mighty stomp and stepped back to look at his handiwork.
Still not satisfied he stepped on the can and then stepped on it again and again and again. Finally satisfied he had punished the can enough he picked it up to examine it and then as if it had laughed at him somehow threw it to the ground and stepped on it again. As the light changed and I drove away he was carrying the can down the sidewalk as he stumbled his way down Las Vegas Boulevard suddenly stopping to look at the paper cup in his hand as I drove put of sight.


Vegas sidewalk late afternoon _ Photo by Royal

A little later I found out that apparently that what happens in Vegas doesn’t really stay in Vegas. God knows what goes on in Las Vegas and brother the end is coming . Or at least the stoplight. Those very words blared out of a brightly painted SUV as it cruised down Las Vegas Boulevard Sunday.. “The end is coming,” blared the loud speaker barely making itself heard over the plaintive, bipolar rhythms of the Grunge Metal classic playing on the overheard PA the screams of winning craps players shouting to the winds and their fellow gamblers about the $40 jackpot they just scored after only spending $35.

The end is coming..
Doesn’t that just make you angry..I mean seriously. “Nirvana on the PA..” I’m depressed.


Press for the Prize. It’s Vegas Baby you know it _ Photo by Royal

Such is life in the City of Sin
Rock on Sinners

The End

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