Temporary Irishmen invade Sin City or Dude looks like a Lady


Is that a baby…a puppy …or a bottle he has in there ????_ Photo by Royal

Temporary Irishmen invade Sin City or Dude looks like a Lady

By Royal Hopper

I am driving down the road today and I see a pair of hot pants crossing the road . Inside the hot pants are a pair of meticulously shaved legs leading gown to a pair pf practical but elegant leather pumps. In contrast to the elegant ladylike lower half the upper half of this hot pants machine was clad in a black suit jacket. A gray felt top hat with a cat face painted on the front topped off this picture of bizarre femininity and on its face eye makeup and a beard.

Yeah man .It was dude and Rue Paul he wasn’t. The dude was a butch cross dresser and proud.

Striding across the intersection drinking in the stares that followed him/her this cross dressing residentially challenged diva staked out a place on the sidewalk in front of the convenience store I was driving to and struck an runway pose inviting, welcoming the looks and smiles he saw on the faces of gawking onlookers.
He was still posing cabaret style with one shaved slightly bent and slightly in front of him when my daughter walked out of the Circle K bearing the soda I brought her there to get . He stopped and looked at us out of the corner of his eye making sure his good side was too us in case we decoded to take a picture.

Rock on cress dressing dude I don’t even know what to say but you are unique and unafraid. Weird and tragic to be sure but unique and unafraid.

You do need a shave or a decent razor but hey nobody is perfect. Not even bearded cross dressing hot pants wearing weird dudes.

This week the City of Sin filled thousands of temporary Irishmen flocking to the Sin City neon jungle to celebrate that uniquely Irish reason to drink more than you should and drag the ugly bright green novelty tshirt your grandma gave you for your birthday out of the closet. Two of this weeks celebrators were actually Irish.
Their secret drinking place in a closed swimming pool cabana uncovered the three fine Irishmen moved on the better drinking spots on the street outside.


One of many temporary Irishmen invading Sin City Monday for St. Patrick’s Day mingles with passerby on a Sin City roadway _ Photo by Royal

Now for this weeks lesson
For the last time. Do not give your credit card information out over the phone when you are in Las Vegas
There are times in this town when you just want to scream. . Go back to Smallsville Clark Kent Vegas is going to eat you and I don’t want to clean up the mess.
No hotel worth a crap will ask you to give credit card information over the phone or insist you pile out of your hotel room in the middle of the night. They likely either want to steal your credit card info or steal your wallet while you are not in the room. Let me repeat .DO NOT GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION OUT OVER THE PHONE WHILE YOU ARE IN VEGAS..

.and for the last time when you take a “nice girl you just met,” to your room and wake up a few hours later sans wallet and assorted electronics don’t tell the security professionals you are reporting the crime to .“I told her several times I don’t want to have sex .go away but she followed you anyway..Chances are they know you are full of it .and chances are they don’t really give rat’s ass anyway ..


seriously _ Photo by Royal

No matter how many times us more streetwise Sinners tell visitors to the City of Sin not to do certain things they always do them and likely always will ..

Driving down the back roads of Sin City you see a lot.You see conventioneers pouring toward a hurried, overpriced , best forgotten lunch ..you see two homeless people engaged in a heated bargaining session over items in their shopping carts. There are street performers and families and four versions of Elvis.
That’s life in Sin City

Spring is here Sinners. Let the Circus begin
Rock On

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