Don’t laugh Parking is a serious thing in this city _ Photo by Royal 


Monster Truck Rallies and God Knows everything in the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper 

“God knows everything,” ..shouted the man standing on a Vegas street corner late last week. “ The end is coming and God knows what you are doing,” the man shouted into his industrial sized megaphone. According to this apocalyptic predictor Monster truck rallies like the one he was protesting were one of the things that will be destroyed in the coming apocalypse.
The last thing you expect to hear when you are driving down a Sin City road past a monster truck rally s a man with a megaphone shouting his head off about Jesus and the end of the world.
In some cities a man holding a sign and a megaphone dressed in black shouting about God and Jesus might have caused a scene. In Vegas he was barely noticed accept by the lady who was walking her dog who had to step around him and the cop pulling traffic duty a few yards away, who yawned and appeared bored out of his mind.
In Vegas even in the suburbs he was juts another drama queen with an agenda and a sign.
“Jesus loves you and he is going to destroy this evil place.” ._ I mean who doesn’t want to burn down the suburbs now and then..


I guess he is the best value ???? Photo by Royal 

People holding signs and dressed in odd clothes are common sight here in Vegas.
We excel at being weird and trying to get your money. Born drama queens ..
Signs proclaiming the hunger of the holder or asking for help or proclaiming Ninjas have kidnapped their drug dealer and they needed money for Karate lessons to rescue them have become part of the landscape here. Locals for the most part barely notice them. I personally have been asked for my debt card, my shoes to buy food for someone’s kids who were either conspicuously absent or all looked to be in their 30s

One of Sin City’s ubiquitous sign holding panhandlers had set up shop just down the road from the Monster Truck rally. His sign asked not for money or food asked for tickets.
The man held a sign that read “I need tickets.” seriously.Image

Woohoo _ Photo by Royal

He must have felt the megaphone guy was stealing his thunder because even the sign holding I need tickets guy rolled his eyes at the Tshirt clad megaphone guy.

Picture this you come to Vegas. You party and you fly back home. The only thing is you left your car in a parking garage somewhere and don’t remember which garage, which casino are not even sure you left it in Las Vegas..

Also if you left your wallet with a girl named November Rain two weeks ago and you are just realizing it._ dude the wallet is gone and if iImage

Dude seriously I am right here _ Photo by Royal 


you just now remembered it was missing ..write it off to a good time and move on _


This week pool players who like to drink, dog owners who don’t pick up poo, and lots of people from countries I cannot pronounce and a Boys to Men cover band from Australia visited the City of Sin. Darth Vader, Snow White and Hello Kitty were everywhere.
The crazy season has come to the City of Sin and it isn’t even May Yet and when us Sinners see such weirdness we yawn and wait for the light to change.

That is life in the City of Sin.

Rock On Sinners

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