bud light unloading

Beer delivery at a Sin City corner store _ Royal Hopper

Rainy Days Mondays and an Even Exchange

By Royal Hopper
You see a “discarded” human being walking down a Sin City back street
looking over his shoulder at the darkening sky and droplets of water already falling from it in the distance.
He frowns at the rain clouds and sneers in disgust at the wind as it suddenly picks up blowing odd pieces of paper _ portions of ads for fully nude dancers, paper menus for pizza take out, half price show tickets for shows long since departed the sandy concrete confines of Sin City for cooler places like Canada and pieces of unread newspaper _ into his weather worn face.

lady with u,brella

A rainy day in the desert _ Royal Hopper

Tugging at his collection of warm weather clothing he sighs and walks over to a corner and moves an abandoned construction container and reveals a
pile of discarded “stuff” in a pile behind it.
The man (lets call him old street looking dude) calmly walks up to the pile and examines its contents. He strips down to his gym shorts taking of his slim weather worn T shirt and dirty well worn golf shorts and broad brimmed baseball hat off as he and sifts through the pile of stuff with a practiced eye long used to spotting useful items in piles of discarded junk.

He eventually dons an archaic jogging outfit and a water resistant jacket testing his new clothes for comfort as he squints and looks into the gathering wind measuring the coming rain storm against his own resolve and the clothing he has just acquired.

working man

A Sin City Working man _ Royal Hopper

He looks at the pile as if pondering something perhaps measuring his contribution to the pile against what he has taken from it. He walks over to a nearby shopping basket pulls something out of it and deposits it in the pile. With a satisfied smile he then pushes the container sideways to once more cover the cache and conceal it from well meaning eyes. The new clothes are at least clean and with them he looks almost respectable. Looks can be deceiving.

As you might have guessed the weather has been weird here in the desert _this past week one moment cool and spring like and the next hot and dry ..you know like the desert.
You always remember the days it rains in the desert. You don’t always remember what happens on those days but you always remember the rain. The rain brings false mystery and a necessity that is sometimes lacking here but it doesn’t change anything.

man and child

Kid and Dad _ Royal Hopper

The City of Sin is still the City of Sin
The Sinner in the Coat is the same Sinner that wore gym shorts a minute before..or a suit once upon a time
Chameleons change color, birds fly south, and squirrels hide in the ground. That is how they survive bad weather, hungry predators and uncertain supply chains. They put on the social uniform that matches the weather or they leave for someplace that matches the one they have.

your stop liquor

An afternoon walk in the City of Sin – Royal Hopper

Love all You Sinners
Take care

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