Bump sale 2

Anybody looking to buy a good used Bump and at a good price _ Photo Royal Hopper

Goofy Dogs and Writers Block in the City of Sin


by Royal Hopper


We have a dog named Kuma. Kuma is a sweetheart.

She is also very brave .._ afraid of little of nothing and nobody except maybe a vacuum cleaner .
The other day we were walking Kuma and hadn’t gotten three feet out of the door when she started one of her low gravelly understated barking fits. I looked over at the thing she was barking at thinking perhaps it was the neighbors neglected, angry canine making her growl. It was a ceramic owl with brightly painted yellow eyes sitting in the shadows and it pissed her off with its ceramic courage. That bird was ignoring her and it pissed her off.

sign holder guy 3

Anybody looking to buy a good used Bump and at a good price _ Photo Royal Hopper

The City of Sin is a lot like that ceramic owl. Image over substance _ a fake New York skyline, a fake tropical Island, a fake work of art the size of a building, a fake Pirate ship, fake girlfriends, fake luck and fake people pretending to be Elvis, mermaids, and Big Bird. That day was full of mayhem. Murders assaults the police guessing that a rash of murders and mayhem that year was due to competition between pimps and pros and dealers for territory in the City of Sin but Kuma was only concerned with that uppity owl that ignored her warnings.

This city makes the clueless growl and scream, laugh because they think Vegas is the monster sitting in the shadow they have come to conquer. It is a myth _ a dangerous myth. People know it is a myth and know it is dangerous but they come here and live here anyway..

Why ? Hell if I know .. This city is like a drug. Once it gets under your skin. You never really get over it.

apalm tree in the wind use

A windy day in the City of Sin _ Photo by Royal Hopper


What do you do when you do when you live in the weirdest city in the world and cant think of a thing to write about it except your lunk of a dog who growls at ceramic owls?

Answer You go to the mall to have lunch.

When you sit down at a Mexican restaurant in the City of Sin you expect it to be a little boring, and it was .. To a point.

In one corner of the restaurant sat the black t-shirt couple one boasting a shirt with the clever saying .223 beats 911 any time .. . .

balloon looking at car good

Hey look what I can do _ Photo by Royal Hopper

Mr. .223 looked around at the collection of mostly overweight non Mall Rats gathered in the world’s whitest Mexican Café as if he actually expected them to turn blue start shuffling and shouting their desire to eat brains ..

He was ready if the zombie apocalypse came to Chevy’s that’s for damn sure.

Next to us was the Salt of the Earth couple who actually looked uncomfortable and out of place. “What are those Metal Head Mall Rats going to do now ?” their attitude seemed to say.

Outside was a group mid week church goers one of which was armed and again ready for the Zombie attack on Sunset Mall that was going to happen at ant time.

Its not really all that and a bag of chips . . .
It’s just life in the City of Sin

Take Care Sinners

Love You guys

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