Hey You guys _ Photo by Royal Hopper

Kids in the City of Sin


by Royal Hopper

A young woman carefully eyes a stretch of Sin City concrete in front of one of the City’s oldest gambling houses _ not the oldest but a senior citizen in Sinner terms. The lithe young woman smiles as she raises her hands in the air leans over and begins to cartwheel across the stretch of Sin City walkway.
She miscalculates bumps head on into a surprised pedestrian who being much larger and stronger doesn’t move an inch. The tumbler tumbles down hits her head on the concrete and begins to cry.


Waiting for the light in the City of Sin _ by Royal Hopper

The tumbler is ten _ an aspiring gymnasts and the adult she tumbled into is more worried about the little ones tears than his own surprise at being plowed into.
There are a lot of drama queens who act like little kids in this city. It is cute even adorable in a child of 9 or 10 years-old. In adults it is annoying in the extreme, ill advised in a city dedicated to adult fun and occasionally dangerous to participants and onlookers alike. It pisses me and a lot of other Sinners off and it should piss you off.DSCF9200.JPG

People come to Sin City to be adults. In the old days only adults came to the City of Sin. In 89 or so right when I first arrived fresh out of Uncle Sam’s Cammo and Gun Club some unwise but business saavy casino builders decided families were an untapped market for casinos full of alcohol, Pros, gambling and unsavory characters.

Twenty seven years later conventions catering to kids and their families are common and kids are everywhere in the City of Sin.

All those years ago a couple might get caught renewing the passion of their marriage up against a fence in a remote parking lot just out of sight. I actually saw that BTW the couple was in their 40s and the image is still burned into my mind _ although now that I am long past 40 the memory of that evening dress hiked up above the jazzercised waistline and the unbuckled pants of the guy doesn’t seem so weird. The I cringed and walked away and now I kind of cheered for the couple. These days you would have to dodge the gazes of a dozen kids and their baby sitting grandmother to reignite that same passion.


Photo by Royal Hopper

A kid acts like a kid .you make sure they are okay _ laugh it off and hope they learned their lesson. An adult acts like a kid or worse you realize most people never really grow up.

Later in that week

A squad of black clad young people with colored hair make up and modern fashion sense stride together arm in arm and side by side in a loose groups drawing the attention of passersby and motorists. Maybe they are techs from a nearby show or just some overage Goths finally making their way home after a night and morning of partying their ass off.
Everyone looks and they love it .DSCF9181.JPG

Its not even all that weird anymore.. Its just life in the City of Sin

Love you Sinners

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