which way do I go. A Sin City commuter ponders the traffic at an intersection – Royal


Looking Crazy in Sin City

by Royal Hopper


Last week a serious looking Asian business man sat at a lonely booth bobbing his head to music no one else can hear. He stops and looks puts his convention snack tray of seaweed salad, sushi and assorted Asian vegetables and smiles as he takes the hidden sunglasses/ear buds off his head and walks out the back door leaving his glasses sitting on the floor. They were just glasses. The man was listening to his own music the one always playing in his brain. He had taken a $20 pair of shades to listen to that imaginary music and left thousands pf dollars in electronics untouched. Now that the music was over he left the glasses behind and stalked back into his own apparently well paid world.motorcycle
It is an old story _ one that we have talked about many times. Sinners _ residents of the City of Sin _ are very good at making people think they are crazy. We have talked about the skill of practiced crazy. The method many Sin City dwellers have of convincing any on lookers they are nuts either Increasing their appeal as a Sin City drama queen worthy of tipping and taking pictures with or in other cases someone who should be left alone..

Lets start this week’s discussion with a question.

What would you do if the crazy chick you were staring at from the safety of your car _ windows rolled up_ stops screaming at the air for a moment looks over and waves at you with a coy come hither look in their eyes ?
Stayed tuned for the answer.

When you are in Sin City and you see someone talking to invisible people and shouting angry slogans at the wind or petting their long deceased stuffed parrots or laying in the dirt punching at enemies in the sky or telling you in detail about the beloved grandfather they


Sunset in Sin City _ Photo by Royal Hopper

have been talking to all evening despite the fact he died before they were born. It could be the real thing _ or they could practicing a Sin City tradition popular among those at the edge of sanity.

This past week thousands of smart gadget freaks crossed wires with thousands of salesman of said gadgets and while polite conversation was the rule ..there was some of that Sin City crazy was there in full sic figure force.

A lot crazy can get you institutionalized a little crazy can help you be left alone.

That is after all life in the City of Sin

Take care Sinners

Love You Guys

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