motor cycle at intersection

This is a Las Vegas intersection. At any given time you could see a sign holder, a crazy person and people on their way to work _ Royal Hopper



Starchild returns to the City of Sin 


by Royal Hopper 

I saw a woman (I call such people Starchild after my late mother in law) with her eyes closed leaning into the wind chanting to herself _ not caring who was watching. The city ignored her the way it usually does. When she was done chanting she opened her eyes and looked around at the traffic around her _ at the commuters who entranced in their daily commute to the clock punching routines they used to pay their bills and buy insurance barely noticed her antics and if they did _ didn’t notice or simply do what city dwellers do in these situations _ turn up their stereos and look the other way.

people crossing street 2

This is a Las Vegas intersection. At any given time you could see a sign holder, a crazy person and people on their way to work. People here spend a lot of time waiting at such places _ Royal Hopper

There is a tradition in the City of Sin that has taken hold in recent years. Generally it means people are less private about the weirdness that makes them who they are.

Just down the road from this week’s Starchild and a day later a man keeps a look out for his friends staring daggers at passersby as he takes drags on his cigarette smoking it with an intensity hard to describe to us nonsmokers unless you see it. He has thousand yard stare more appropriate to a war zone than playing over-watch for two homeless guys eating dinner. His buddies are calm and don’t seem worried about their purloined repast but wild eyed guy as we shall call him continued to keep a look out crouching _ ready for action as the city bus passed him by. He was ready for anything even if anything didn’t give a rat gluts about his existence.

hey yo

Hey yo _ photo by Royal Hopper

There was a convention of teachers in town this week.

This week in Las Vegas people got naked, people got drunk, people made and lost millions. Some gathered in this the Center of corporative decadence to meet colleagues and do business surrounded by temptation. Some people were conceived some saw their final curtain. Some rose to the occasion and some were brought down forever.
In other words it was an ordinary week in the City of Sin..brothers and sisters except that it rained a little.

the guy talking

talking on a cell phone while waiting _ Photo by Royal Hopper

As for this week’s Starchild or Spirit Caller or New Age Chick _ whatever your preference is _ Maybe she was actually chanting and leaning into the wind to say her dark prayers or maybe she was listening to the music on her phone as she waited for the light on the crosswalk to change but whatever the case _ whatever her prayers was _ a spirit chant or the latest Chick Metal from avante guarde radio the light changed and we both exchanged glances _ Starchild and Story teller and went along our way.

Donnie and Marie

Donnie and Marie _ photo by Royal Hopper

That is life in the City of Sin
Take Care Sinners
Love you guys

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