A good symbol for Sin City. The kind of sign Sinners can get into – Royal Hopper 

Believers and Sinners in Sin City


by Royal Hopper 


A man stands alone in the median of a Las Vegas avenue holding his sign high in the air pointing it at every motorists who passes by with passion and pride shouting its slogan at those who get close enough .

guy standing

A Sinner takes it all in on his daily commute _ Royal Hopper 

One car stops ..the driver rolls the window down and stares at the man as he pulls a piece of paper from his pocket with an frustrated flourish. They stare at each other for a second as the tension at the impromptu meeting rises the sign holder is clearly preparing himself to spout the long practiced tag lines of his belief of his cause // the one he has come to the Sin City sidewalk with his carefully painted sign to promote.
“The man in the car speaks first and as the dedicated sign holder prepares a s response the motorists . . .
Asks for directions pointing at the map.

The believer holding the sign replies with his tag line _ unable to stop himself he vents his true believers passion on the motorists who stares at the believer for a moment strokes his scruffy goatee and his reluctant casino workers haircut ..looks at the believer for a moment and the speaks .

building at night

The city at night _ Royal Hopper 

“Right on,” he says rolling with window up part way and rolling his eyes in such an obvious fashion it can be seen from the opposite side of the road. The road has a shoulder a rare thing in the City of Sin and the motorists stops and asks the next pedestrian directions and as he makes a U turn and drives off in the direction indicated turns the heavy metal playing on his car stereo up as loud as it can go and flips the metal head devil horns sign at the sign holding believer as he passes and waves at him,.

Happy New Year (2)

Happy New Year …This is the first New Year’s Eve I spent in Vegas that I didnt work. I drank hot chocolate and counted down with my daughter _ Royal Hopper  

Time and time again the scene plays out in the City of Sin. People hold signs for money are as common as politicians at a fund raiser. People who hold them for beliefs are there too _ but people seldom pay any attention to them. Its tough to make us Sinners give a crap about causes. We are so used to weird and flamboyant you almost have to be good looking and naked to get stared at and even them we probably will not read your sign.

mom and child

Mom and child on a walk in Sin City _ Royal Hopper 

Rumor has it on New Years Eve a group of Christian sign holding protestors nearly got into a brawl with large groups of Sin City revelers and their friends. Rumors say words like whore were used as the Sin City revelers spurred on by Mr Jack Daniels and their girlfriends who had been called whores stepped forward to engage in some New Year’s Eve Sin City brawling.
The tussle was broke up by Las Vegas’ finest because no one with to many brains screws with Sin City PD for very long.

This was the exception. Mostly us Sinners just don’t give a crap about causes. We all have our beliefs but we just don’t have the patience to force them on others and our city most certainly does not.. . . .

That’s life in the City of Sin Brothers and Sisters
Rock on

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