You pull out of home heading once more to work
Half way you see a body and stop with a jerk


This was actually taken last month. It is just a lady walking on the sidewalk some where to somewhere _ Photo by Royal Hopper

A Days Journey in the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper, a herd of unicorns, four angels and a Dragon named Spirit 

A man on the sidewalk lying across it so still
flopped and not moving by reflex or will
His buddy nearby playing the guitar
So certain it seems one day he’ll go far
Strumming and singing and sitting in style
The light changes soon and you travel the mile


I never get tired of the irony _ Photo by Royal Hopper

To work past sign holders the rich and the poor
man sleeps in the gutter girl stands in the door
A wheelchair flys sidewalk bound a lady in red
she smiles like child and speeds like I said
Fearless and free she is gone in a blink
you look at her smiling and she gives you a wink

A car behind you blows his horn again and some more
You turn up the radio wait a second or two and begin to explore
what to do what to do ignore the gadfly or honk back in kindIMG_20170423_192359
In the end asthe light turns red leave them behind
You pull into work with a sigh and a grin
its now that is now not once or was or then
Its not heaven or hell just some lose some win
The weeks paycheck and another day in the City of Sin

Love you Sinners
Take care

When your weeks starts with seeing a man lay on the sidewalk near a liquor store un-moving and his buddy sits nearby strumming guitar his head resting just below a sign that says BEER and your only thought is …was that the theme from friends ??/You know its time for a vacation…Your brain just work and when you sit down to rite your weekly blog you know its time for some dysfunctional poetry and a marathon of Buffy fan videos (Dark Willow fanatic here) and a bunch of Doors You Tube vids to force your brain out of the tiresome treadmill of every day life and back into the other world of magic and thought where it belongs…..

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