Blankets, Wardrobe and Cold Weather in the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper

A young woman in bright red leather pumps stumbles a bit as she makes her way down Las Vegas Boulevard tripping over a piece of broken beer bottle and a lump of hardening bubble gum. Her hair is ruffled by the desert wind, her legs are bare from the thigh down and over her shoulders she wears a blanket as protection against the cool desert air..

Perhaps the brisk desert breeze is simply to cold for her delicate street walking sensibilities or perhaps she forgot her pants in the same place she picked up the shiny pink leather pumps she wears at the bottom of her long experienced legs..

It falls down to mid thigh and it is impossible to tell if she wears anything under the blanket_ but perhaps that mystery is part of her sales pitch.

What does she do for a living ???

Right ..she is a blanket salesman !!!

This fake Air Force 1 was at the Tropicana all last week _ Royal

Wardrobes matters in the City of Sin. This young woman could have been a lot of things but she looked like a hooker advertising her wares in the relative chill of the desert night air or a homeless stripper looking for a place to spend the night.

This blanket wearing walker on the Boulevard could have been a school teacher who tied one on at a teacher of the year awards dinner who just liked hot pink leather pumps with six inch heels or a, accountant who got her coat stolen while she was at church praying for the homeless or she could have been a street walking prostitute who was cold _ you decide.

Cool weather doesn’t change the City of Sin. Everybody here wears a uniform of some kind whether it is a cocktail dress or bright green blazers or a big bird costume and every visitor to this city will assume something and take actions based on what you wear.

The large man spotted in the expensive suit handing a small black package to an associate and saying “take care of this.. .my life is in here,” probably should have taken note of this fact.

First of all he might as well have said “please rob me. I have something very valuable in here.”

Nice suits ..big guys .. .. .. mysterious exchange of small black cases hmmmm .. They could just be football players putting their playbooks up for auction or Navy SEALS on a secret mission in Las Vegas but you know they are probably just businessmen who are going to get robbed.

That is life in the City of Sin
Keep warm Sinners See you soon
There is an old trick in the City of Sin played by con men. They put on a blazer and a name tag and walk around asking people if they want change for the $20 or $100 bill they have in their hand. Of course the cons leave with the money because they aren’t casino employees just dressed like one. They know people will see a certain kind of wardrobe and assume certain things about the people who wear them

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