When are you to nice for the City of Sin ?



By Royal Hopper

It was super bowl weekend this week in the City of Sin. People were drunk, obnoxious, belligerent and weird. _ and had out lived their usefulness and overstayed their welcome several days before the big event.

In other words it was a normal holiday weekend in the City if Sin.
Some people in 49ers Jerseys walked around looking angry. Those in Raven’s jerseys looked happy and those in Cleveland Browns jerseys looked a little silly…and lost and confused. While others sporting New York Giants were nearly inconsolable when they found the Giants were not even in the big game.

One of my favorite parts of The Strip Photographically speaking- Royal

Some wearing Grateful Dead Ts confessed they had no idea what all the excitement was about but were trying to go along with the spirit of the day everybody else was shouting and screaming. It seemed like the thing to do.
In response to last weeks experimental question of the week there were a few answers. At the end of this missive I will post some of the answers and let you guess which question it was the answer to. Now onto to more important matters.

A little advice to the man who rode down Las Vegas boulevard waving the flags of third world countries, blowing a whistle and waving flags and shouting at wind about his concern about oppressed peoples of the world.
This is Las Vegas dude if your not naked or dressed like a space alien you don’t get much attention much or many high fives. In LA people might say “What is that nut up to? Somebody tackle his sick behind before he gets hit or causes some problem….
In the City of Sin people momentarily look up from reading Sin City business folders full of ads of various of Sin City Excitements and see a crazy guy with flags and a bell and a whistle waving flags and shouting stuff about oppressed peoples of the world ….” and they would pause all of three seconds to ask what he charges to pose for photographs…or maybe ‘Hey look the Luxor has a new show called oppressed peoples of the world.

A tale of two signs- Photo by Royal

What do you think a man who stands by a magazine stand full of free adverts of naked young women dressed in dark clothes and a hat and cliché don’t look at my mustache is up to ????

Is he making plans for the evening ????trying to connect with his favorite girl with the farm animal moniker ..
Picture this. This sneaky guy looks around carefully looking to see if anybody is looking to see him snagging flyers with pictures of naked women on the front and when he is sure no one is looking he snags three as no one in the City of Sin pretends to care. The only thing is the free flyers he snagged were did not contain pics of naked women and were fairly respectable by Sin City standards. He grabbed a copy of City Life, a magazine about gambling and one with assorted Sin City locations listed on its plain unadorned pages.

He pocketed the magazines and trotted onto a waiting bus. Is that sick or what? Is it wrong to sit quietly in your rented room in the City of Sin with a handful of reading material and dark colored clothing that doesn’t attract any attention. Should we call the FBI or what….

Next question??? What do you say to a man who is so drunk he doesn’t remember he checked out three days ago. Get out ??????

Now this is a bad day- Royal

This is the one of the answers…..
Well…do the people in costumes bother you? Generally, I use the Hallmark commercial rule. If you cry during Hallmark commercials, you’re probably too sensitive. (I totally cry at Hallmark commercials. In fact, I even cried during Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey). When you cry over a stop-motion animated character, you are waaaaaaay too sensitive.

What was the question????

There were two other answers that caught my eye. One said hers were just about the right size and the other that pertness and firmness were important…again what was the question ????

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