Barrack kicks some Romney behind


Barrack was a different man in the second debate. To quote commentators in the after show analysis the President came out swinging so to speak. To hear the pundits explain it Professor Obama took on Mitt the prize fighting telemarketer a cleaned his clock.

“Mitt Romney is a salesman,”  MSNBC commentator Howard Fineman said among other things. Obama took up for himself and explained all the good things he had done in the past four years.
“We have gone after Al Quedas’ leadership like no one else and Osama Bin Laden in dead, “
Contrary to his confident CEO image from the last debate Romney had moments he shined but was time and time again rhetorically backhanded by Obama who unlike the least debate fought back when he caught with a rhetorical jab from the challenger.
To paraphrase Steve Schmidt Romney made some good points but had three turnovers that will come back to haunt him, immigration, Libya and the 47 percent comment.
“Governor Romney doesn’t have a five point plan he has a one point plan…..” Obama said  adding that the “plan make sure those at the top play by a different set of rules.”
Now to the point.
Listen to this according to most republicans that commented  on the result of the debate Barrack Obama is responsible for every bad Christmas present ever given. He made Disco happen and made the Beetles split up when was only 7-years-old. To hear them tell it Obama was worse than an terrorist or B-movie villain he is the freakin apocalypse.
According to republicans Barrack Obama is responsible for everything bad that has happened the last three and a half years including the results of the last American Idol.

Romney as he always does in his shouted the superiority of the private sector to triumph if it is just left alone.
 Most of the problems we face now are the results or rampant private sector forces. They were not so much the result of government policy as a lack of it or a lack of courage by the Bush administration to put the brakes on rampant speculation. Does anybody believe Romney would be able or willing to put the brakes on it when it happens again after more of the same 1930s Gilded age policies he wishes to enforce ??? The pundits asked.

I live in a city where the so called private sector makes it happen. Everything of significance In Las Vegas good, bad and indifferent has for the most part been the result of casinos and their bedfellows business that support them. The businesses here live and die by the follies of private sector decisions and the City of Sin has a much better chance of surviving and thriving once again if Barrack Obama is reelected.

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