Being thankful and cynical


Me and My beloved in Quebec I think ..yes this is a boring vacation photo –Royal Hopper

by Royal Hopper

Now that Thanksgiving is officially and we are a week into December …I thought it would be a good time to say what I am actually thankful for.

I am grateful for my wife and all the things we have don’t together and with any luck and good karma will do together…

She keeps the cynicism and darkness in me at bay with her kindness and toughness and I look forward to another 50 years with her at my side.

I am grateful for my daughter a wonderful young woman who has managed to become a kind and giving young woman in spite of the cruelness and cynicism of the world that surrounds her and who has given me a lasting memory that gets me through the darkest of times Once after a long day at work when she was still a child she jumped up on the couch leapt across the room into my arms shouting “grasshopper hug Daddy grasshopper hug”….. It is a memory more than a decade and a half old that still gives me hope in the darkest of times and makes me so grateful to be a father.
I am grateful to live in a Republic that places the Freedom and Welfare of its citizens above culture and fear and anger of the ignorant .
and I am grateful for chocolate and roast turkey and my dogs ….just saying
Musn’t free verse poetry to follow

If it were only us 

Its raining in the desert and there;s nothing to do
except think about me and think about you
and us
It may be selfish to say but if all else was gone
and the world was to slowly go on
with thee and me and our family
Id get by
Id miss Rock and Roll
and chili by the bowl
id miss Thanksgiving day and fresh turkey and green bean casserole
Id miss the neon and the two for one specials and air full of chems
and going on cruises to escape from all of them them
but Id get by
with thee and me and we
and our wayward unique extended family
Like always this is where I begin and where I end
This is life in the City of Sin


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