Just another denizen of the City of Sin crossing the street – Royal Hopper

Faith is for Lovers Priests and Poets

by Royal Hopper

Faith is a wonderful thing for lovers, priests and poets but it has little place in the every day functions of normal life and almost none in my City the City of Sin…The Jedi are wrong about this Knowing is almost always better than feeling and adapting is almost always better than hoping in this bizarre city and I suspect in most of the world…
Always ask questions and always seek the answers that true not the ones others want to tell you or the ones you want to hear

I once heard of tour group leader who frustrated by his groups tardiness to their points of departure and arrival always told them all his bus was going to leave at a much earlier time than it was scheduled to depart. One tour member objected pointing out that he and his wife had reservations for a show that was due to let out 30 minutes before departure time and he didn’t want to miss the show. After much debate the tour leader finally admitted the tour would indeed leave at the scheduled time and the guest could go to the show….Question Everything …but with logic …. . Try to know why and when and where things work not just how…..Hurt matters to us.JPG

So many times I seen people ditched in this City because they trusted to much or had faith in the wrong person…If you cant trust a person with your life..don’t trust them with your money your time or breakfast cereal.
If you cant turn your back them ..don’t…

I can still remember the man who came to the security podium at the old Riviera complaining about the girl (in other words the Ho) ho had rolled him. “I thought she was a nice girl,” he said shuffling his feet and looking at the floor. “I thought she was attracted to me,” he tried to say. “Dude was older than me.” I managed not to giggle and say you have known better…..

slot machines

These machines are called bandits in old Vegas slang – Royal Hopper

Its easy to be taken in by the obvious in this city ….You see a woman showing to much skin with a drink in her hand and studded leather jacket and you think Ho..but be careful there are soccer Moms who dress like Hos and Hos who dress like soccer Moms ..the smart ones anyway ……The point is appearances can be deceiving don’t trust them.

That is life in the City of Sin and elsewhere

Love You Sinners



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