A neighbors house on Halloween Day

Halloween recount in the City of Sin

by Royal Hopper


The coyotes howl and the desert wind blows
the sun rapidly sets and everyone here knows
the freaks are out in force their faces all aglow
You see a goblin three feet tall her silk cape red
her eyes are full of tears her face full of dread
She threatens to trick you and you treat her instead
The Woman of Wonder follows next in line
her friend a ghost mouth agape holding a sign
I need candy on which to feed and to dine
wave after wave of monsters in polyester
a ghoul a robot a princess named Lester
Freddy Kreuger is there and knight Leo the Quester
A fake little cow walks up and says boo
stops walking away to squat and take a poo
His cousin a ninja looks back and says eeewww
It’s not on planet far away in the stars
its not a soap opera or movie about cars
and its not protest by pirates with scars
Its outside my houses front stoop on Nickel Mine
and was over before I went in to dine
before I tie this all up in a big ball of twine
Its not a drama, or a dream inspired by a bottle of Gin
I tell you its just another Halloween night in the City of Sin
Love You Sinners

Halloween was fairly tame in the City of Sin this year. The kids had dressed up in costumes and had fun

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