The City of Sin is in mourning. It is impossible to express the shock felt by the various communities in this city. Heartfelt empathy to the victims of Sunday’s mass murder and condolences to their families. Tears for those that are lost. Respect to the men and women of law enforcement in this city and a promise to those they protect . We are there for each other.
Blood banks turned away people from their doors becaue so many had volunteered . People donated water and food to survivors. This city has a heart…Dont doubt it for a minute…and it has big brass you know whats too.
There has been  much debate as to why this man did what he did but know this in the end the least of our citizens ..the poorest man on the street is better than this murderous evil ass who had money in the bank _ much more than most ….

cityscape (2).JPG

Sometimes things are not what they seem and sometimes they are……

by Royal Hopper

You see a lot of things in the city of sin if you pay attention
Driving down the street on your way to work you see two people standing by the road way one bending around closely examining something in his cupped hands while concealing it from passersby. His companion looks at him with confidence then smiles as the man bends back around facing her and holds the cupped item in his hands. She takes the item continuing to conceal it and turns her back to the traffic to conceal it and takes something else from her pockets and hands it back to the man who smiles and continues to conceal the item looking at it intently before concealing it in a coat pocket and hands the woman something ..perhaps money and concludes the deal with a surreptitious hand shake.

cave grafitti

110 year old graffiti in a cave in northern Nevada – Royal Hopper

The two seem pleased with themselves and stand unconcerned by the side of a busy Las Vegas commuter road ..until two of the City’s finest drive by in a clearly marked squad car.. The two scatter as the PD drives by being careful not to panic ans run so as to attract the attention of the PD…
Every day in the City of Sin you see players and wannabe players doing things they should not be and pretending to be angels or tourists flaunting the rules of a civilized society with every move they make.

homeless guy looking out at city

A homeless man with nothing is still a better man than the psycho who killed so many in Vegas Sunday – Royal Hopper

Sometimes you have to look twice at woman you are talking to because he might not be what she seems. The smiling purveyor who employs the woman you seek to rent for the night may be the one who robs you in the morning. A woman walks up to you at work and asks you where the lady’s room is .. Her or rather her voice is deep and she needs a shave..She is a dude…
You have to make sure your doors are closed .. When you go to bed because there are teams of thieves who do nothing but push on doors looking to steal your stuff …Everything is a hustle in the city and even the honest people are out to get your money ….
But !!!!!downtown from highway.JPG
Even in the City of Sin there are rules…rules to live by and one of the cardinal rules is everyone is here to have a good time .. you keep the game between the dont bring the game to innocents and you dont kill 60 innocents and wound 500 because you are pissed or depressed or for any reason….
I have never been a truly religious man Im not sure if there is a place where evil people go to be punished after deah …..but if somehow there is a place called hell.. If there is a place where the evil go to be punished then surely this evil POS in there ..reliving the horror he put all those people in from there point of view over and over again…Sometimes things are not what they seem and sometimes they are

That is life, death and tragedy and survival in the City of Sin
Love You Sinners stay strong .. We are not done by a long shot

mountain in utah.JPG

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