The Inner Child and the Inner Adult duke it out for a moment


By Royal Hopper 


As you pull out of a local casino after filling your poor stomach with the less than gourmet quantities of a two for one buffet and head for the run around that will take you toward your cozy middle class home you notice something. There are two little yous sitting on your shoulder. There are two voices in your head telling you what to do at the approaching turn around that will take you toward your comfy middle class abode.
One voice the logical, safe one the one that adapts to the situation as it is not as you wish it to be says “traffic is fairly thick and the smart thing to do is too wait until the next intersection and turn there its just an extra three minutes be safe.:”


Sunset in the City of Sin..Digital captures the red and oranges of the sun like the human eye cannot _ Royal Hopper

The other voice, the other you the bolder one the hide bound one, the child’s voice the one who doesnt give a crap tells you…”This is the way we always go . I want to go this way no matter what damn it. Its my way lets just get over and go tghat weay no matter what..”
It’s not that the road is is the desert after all. Its not there are civillians on the road way. Its too early for drunks even in Sin City and the sign holders and commuters seem to have taken a day off. Its just that you have waited to long to get over and there are cars on the road.
“Just stay calm accelerate a little and get over when it is safe. Take another turn around you idiot,” says the grown up..the adaptive one the practical one..”
“Screw this .. This is the way I have always gone. This is the way I want to go now. I dont want to pay that much attention to driving I want to space off …Its more fun this way,,,” says the child, the petulant one the hide bound unadaptive eternally 17 voice.”
As the trials and tribulations of the past week pound around in your poor overused noggin as you warm over last night’s bizzare dream and fight off a wave of stomach upset from the years old chicken friend steak, sausage and eggs you mistakenly ate for breakfast the voices continie to argue and you notice that your turn is coming up.
The inner voices reach a crescendo until the point of no return has arrived and you make a decision and put your blinker on and move over one lane toward the turn around. As it turns out another car coming up in your blind spot has hit the gas and is roaring toward you as you brace for impact certain that this is day is going to start and end badly.


A rare cloudy day in the City of Sin _ Royal Hopper

Fortunately the other car brakes as you continue to change lanes and take the turn around you always take home from this buffet.
The voices are silent and the little figures sitting on your shoulder grow quiet. the child is smiling petulantly again certain he was right since nothing happened.. The adapative grown up is scolding the hide bound child and warning them of future infractions and the dangers they impose…
“Im tired of you putting me in danger for ego or tradition or custom.”



“Im tired of you telling me what to do ..of telling me that my way is wrong because things have changed or there is traffic or you cant see the other lane…
You sigh and turn up the radio suddenly aware that there are no voices or little men sitting on your shoulder and you are as sober as a judge or a Mormon preacher. It is just you and a decision to adapt, to change with the times and sometimes with the moment or stay sometimes dangerously in the past because “your way is right.”

It is the truth, struggle and life in the city of sin
Love You Sinners

signs jungle .jpg

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