The Sidewalk crouches at her feet

by Royal Hopper 

You ride down a Vegas boulevard and see a woman long and lean _ tall and mean and painfully well groomed dressed head to toe in designer everything. She walks with a confidence and arrogance better suited to a high end fashion show run way than a Sin city sidewalk leading from a convenience store that sells two for one six packs to a parking lot for low end apartments .


Can you help me out Bud green button _ Royal Hopper

She is a statuesque princess in a city of brightly colored crass peasants _ or so she thinks. She makes you think of a line from an old Doors song…” The sidewalk crouches at her feet like a dog that begs for something sweet…Do you hope to make her see you fool ……” (The Doors Hello I love You 1967 or so)

You look back at the scene as the light changes …Traffic is thick this time of day and your lane is being held up by pedestrians crossing the busy intersection so there is time to look again at the beauty and you spy her tail. or rather you spy someone tailing her…
Behind some yards back runs a man trying to catch up with her ….. trying to get her attention …6.jpg

You cant tell their relationship or even if there is one ..but he is smiling and running after her and she is ignoring his existence and everyone else’s for that matter _ walking like she is the only person in the world that matters she makes her way across the crosswalk of the intersection like a character on an album cover or a Clancy novel.
She reaches the other side her tag along in tow just when it appears you are going to be able to hit the accelerator and leave the scene behind when some uncaring soul stumbles out into traffic slowly down even the jaded Sin City crowd…..

He looks around seems to wake up and hurries back the the relative safety of the median and traffic continues on its Sin City way.

You look back over your shoulder as you move through the intersection because you didn’t have to drive today and you see the tag along catch up with his goal and see the Princess stare him down with a withering gaze that would scare Darth Vader out of his black cyborg tights. You can imagine this thin painfully groomed princess staring at an asteroid as it approaches the earth and moments before it it hits stopping to say. “Well at least I look good,” unconcerned at the coming apocalypse.

As you ride just out of sight you think you see a man with a camera in his hand stand up and gesture at the woman as she reaches the parking lot and pauses with almost painful grace and posture. The unknown photog gestures positively and walks toward the woman.. The tag along continues on his way ..apparently he was just nuts and drunk or both.
Las Vegas is a place where many things seem out of place and you should never never make assumptions based on superficial appearance. Many many if not most of the time it is an act and you are likely being played for some reason or another.

That is life, love and deception in the City of Sin brothers and Sisters
Take Care Sinners

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