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There are many kinds of people in the world. Some need desperately for things to be normal all the time even when they are rebelling which always seemed weird to me. Some long to express themselves. To dress up _ to pretend _ to play if you will. Vegas is one of the places those people come to let their Freak flags fly….


Cosplay in the City of Sin

by Royal Hopper
A man in a black leather kilt stalks up to the hostess stand of a Cafe in the City of Sin. His shirt is black. He has tattoos and a black T shirt that bears an ominous slogan _ a nick name he has picked up during his time in he City of Sin.
Darth Lannister reads to logo on the back of the black T shirt….He leans over toward the waitress and in his best Darth Lannister voice says…..
“When do you think a table will be ready ?”IMG_2690.JPG

This is the City of Sin and it takes more than mythical homicidal Royals and Dark Lords of the Sith to impress us Sinners….. Darth Lannister waits patiently for a table leaning over the hostess stand ad she checks to cafe for empty seats. Darth Lannister is some guy named Ian or Fred and he has a bad back and questionable taste in socks and is quite frankly bored out of his mind in the world’s largest adult playground….Just down the carpeted aisle from Darth Lannister Wonder Woman walks toward a nearby coffee shop skates slung over her shoulder brightly colored blue hair off setting her patriotic one piece…….


A homeless camp set up in open ground near Russell Road in the City of Sin

As Wonder Woman walks by you notice Evil Beauty and a custumed hero that simply goes by Warrior – another that promises Lipstick and Bruises and another who proudly declares herself as Regrettal after the fairy tale character…..There is a hug as two of them meet and an explanation of a serious argument with their significant other. Vegas is tough on couples who have issues and this one is not exception. Wonder Woman sheds a tear in support of her friend and the two walk off to drown their sorrows…..


A minute later She Hulk strides by her green skin glowing in the and three Jedi stroll by hands on their light sabers looking like they just stepped off a Lucas film set and one of the mythical Overlords strides by looking proud and dangerous. She Hulk smiles shyly at people complimenting her costume and recognizing its origin. She seems more flattered than the situation would require and accidentally manages to show off even more of her painted green skin to get more attention.

She likes being noticed more than she should…..
The Jedi are talking smack about women and one of them seems enchanted by his male companion. Later hotel security is called to a domestic argument that results in one of the guests going home alone….


Under the surface people are who they are. Putting on a costume or a title or an expensive suit doesn’t change that. We are who we are…. and when you get to the City of Sin you have what you brought with you…..We don’t make you who you are

And where are you ???? Is it the most dangerous Comic Con in North America??? Is it an alternate reality you have stumbled into ???? is it Detroit after someone has dumped LSD into the water supply????
Hello Goober !!! You are in the City of Sin silly person and it is just another Thursday here……
Love You Sinners
Take care


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