pet lodging

Need lodging for your pets while you visit a National Park. Then this is the place for you _ Royal Hopper

The Road to Zion

by Royal Hopper

Nothing will make you realize how normal the weird city you live in is like going someplace that is logically the complete opposite. That is supposed to be quiet and sane and have lots of free parking. (Please see the poem beneath)
I mean what could be more opposite Las Vegas than a Canyon of pristine beauty known for its awe inspiring vistas and and endless endless wild perfection and named Zion. IMG_0734.JPG
We left the City of Sin _ our city driving past a couple of hookers, two sign holders asking for money a stray cat stealing food, a traffic jam and signs advertising 2 for 1 drinks, food and gambling and $35 rooms for the asking and drove out into the desert. Well actually we stopped at Mesquite Nevada and stayed there for a day. My wife won $400 playing video keno and I had the best fried chicken I have eaten since leaving the south. We love this City but needed a break we needed a break…
My family has been going to Zion National Park for the better part of 20 years.. At one time the call of the natural beauty was so powerful we thought of moving to the area just to be near it but couldn’t swing a decent enough job to do it. people on waterfall trail.JPG
Our hopes rose as we approached the green and brown mosaic of mountains that surrounds the confines of Zion National Park . This was one of our favorite places and we felt sure it would be an uplifting experience as it always had been.
Then the reality of traffic jams and paid parking hit us like a ton of city dwelling bricks. Outside our favorite location of natural beauty it was crowded with cars and people. The small town we drove through to get through to it was dotted with themed restaurants and trendy shops….There were authority figures everywhere you turned and people were annoyed..Still it was beautiful and it was worth it…. Time, tourism and the lure of money had done what it always does stolen some of the innocence and freedom of our favorite things. IMG_0637.JPG
Then there were no parking spaces and we ended up paying 20 Bucks to park our dowdy square and gray but perky and capable SUV… We could no longer drive to the scenic overviews we had to park. There lines for food for overpriced souvenirs and you paid $80 for three t shirts and it was crowded with tourists from all over the world.
Zion National Park is nothing like Las Vegas except for the millions of tourist and paid parking and traffic jams and rules designed the make you buy their stuff ….and the people angry because they couldn’t find a parking spot …..people at waterfall 2.jpg
Is Zion National Park like the City of Sin now.. No of course not don’t be silly. It is still beautiful but it has lost some of its innocence…..

Over the Interstate and thru the desert to Zion we go

By Royal Hopper

We get in the car to go to the woods and see our favorite place
The mountains, the deer , fresh air and space and space and space
On the way we see a spolied dove standing on the road side
Two scruffs fighting for the best place to beg and the best way to hide
A man with a sign dressed a woman, a woman with a smile dressed like a Bunny
The sign said family attacked by ninjas please give me some money
No place to park everyone is pissed, drinking and drank and guzzling and drunk
People happy when they shouldnt be and some rich, poor amd other in a deep deep funk
We say goodbye to our city and as we drove out we spied a sign that said 2 for 1
then saw some grafitti that said call this number for fun and fun and fun
The city is exiting and loud but will drive you mad and sometimes you have to get away
you have to get away for a week, a week end ,,to drive away for at least a day
We finally get there to our favorite isolated spot in nature as our butts are starting to bark
and to our surprise the little town that bordered our spot was crowded with no place to park
Inside the gate the there was no place to stop where we had previously stayed
not only was parking sparse some of it was paid
After wearing ourselves out for a walk around the falls we headed home to our city
nearing to edge of the borders again we saw another sign that said please take pity
We saw another girl standing on the corner like she was for rent an
man lying on the road who looked totally spent
No place to park and and everyone angry driving like hacks
Its the City of Sin and now we are back
Its not a fairy tale or a burp in the wind
Its a day in the wilderness and life in the City of Sin
Love you Sinners

mountain scenery.JPG

people on waterfall trail.JPG

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