Tax Season is upon us as this bald “Lady Liberty” can attest to_ Royal Hopper

The City of Sin: Many Things to Many People.  If you have the Money and the Time

by Royal Hopper 

…”When I come to Vegas the last thing I want to do is put on a suit ….” said the Canadian as he stroked his Klondike style beard and looked out at the working class couples striding into one Sin City casino in their Sunday best for a supper that will probably cost the better part of a weeks take home after bills fund.


Dancing days are here again. This Flower Child stalked the confines of Paradise Road last week _ Photo by Royal Hopper

“I just want relax and be myself,” he mused stroking his beard standing in the cool desert air in Bermuda shorts and blowing another cloud of strawberry scented smoke across the unusually wet desert air. He smiled as the smoke floated down onto the age worn dirty concrete that was used and dirty when Elvis actually waited there for his limo.
One of the men from those couples a man obviously of modest means waits for his girl outside of a bathroom likely larger than his apartment pacing slightly on the much polished marble tugging on the edges of a suit he is obviously unaccustomed to wearing and rehearsing a line I’m guessing he hopes to repeat at the dinner. He looks over to you tugs on his tie and shrugs his shoulders manly body language asking your opinion on his appearance and his one liner. Smiling slightly when you nod in the affirmative.
“You look good Holmes,” your nod says and he smiles as his girls emerges from the restroom somehow more confident because a stranger who was shaving when his mother was still in high school had nodded at him. Perhaps he has plans for later on and is now more confident that they will come to fruition.


This is a homeless camp on Tropicana Avenue late last week _ Photo by Royal Hopper

The City of Sin is different things to different people. To some it means the ability to stand in a freezing wind smoking strawberry e cigs in his shorts talking with someone whose entire wardrobe he could buy with the shoe money he keeps in his spare wallet. To some it is spending more than he really should on a dinner with his girl hoping to close the deal late that night in a suit he will wear a dozen or so times in his life…..
In the age of corporate Vegas often it is chasing your hyperactive kids across a Vegas casino as they wait to participate in their gymnastic tournament, weight lifting, Tae Kwon Do match, ballet, squirrel painting ..whatever because of course there is no better place to take your kids than an entire city dedicated to drinking, gambling and hedonism. It is  place where grown men routinely get rolled by chicks named Snow Bunny, Ivory Nettles and Wanda (Long Story) and where you can get drunk 24 hours a day _ but hey why not right?.


Two people waiting to cross the road Photo by Royal Hopper

Apparently to many people the City of Sin is chasing their kids across a casino under the baleful glares of the people whose duty it is to protect the establishment they are staying in. . I have seen a man with 400 pounds of muscle who could bench press my entire shift with little effort be so spooked by this city he insists on an escort to his limo and little old ladies so unafraid they comforted the men sent to protect them.


Just hanging out at the Pharmacy _ Royal Hopper

Lets face it ….This city is a bit of a whore ..If you have money and time it will be whatever you want it too. It will rob you blind sometimes and sometimes give you the time of your life while doing doing so. Sometimes in the City of Sin you hit a jackpot. Usually not but sometimes.
That is life in the City of Sin brothers and sisters
Love You Sinners take care


Sue me me I like birds _ Photo by Royal Hopper

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