A man and his possessions Photo by Royal Hopper

As you drive down Russell Road in your daily commute to pay the mortgage you see a man sitting on the sidewalk with a football team T shirt sprawled there waiting for nothing. Every week he is there and every week he has a different team’s shirt on and that week that team won. Last week the day of the Super Bowl he wore the shirt of the New England Patriots. Apparently the reason we have to put up with the Patriots for another year is the lucky bum and his lucky t shirt.
Tempers flared during the Super Bowl weekend. Drunken football fans hit each other. One couple presumably with a laundry list of preexisting problem abused each other after an argument, preumably over football. Racial slurs were issued by angry and drunk footbal fans , although I dont have the slightest idea what that has to do with football. \par
Now lets talk about the title the City of Sin.


A tourist in Oatman, Arizona proves some things don’t change

The day after the game the City of Sin was back to its normal not giving a crap self. There were sign holders, and Hos, tourists and showmen selling their wares.
Many Cities lay claim to the mantle of the City of Sin. I have been told the New Orlens and New York have laid claim to the mantle of City of Sin. There is sin and decadence everwhere. There was sin in the sleepy little burg I was a police beat reporter in There is likely decademce and Sin in your city.


There are signs everywhere in the City of Sin – Photo by Royal Hopper

However lets be clear there is only one City of Sin ….only one city worthy of wearing that mantle out loud. The City of Elvis of Bugsy Segal, the place where old acts go to die, the place where good looking girls pretend to like fat old men so they can steal their wallets…the city of fakers and fake things…… Las Vegas Nevada …
There is decadence and sin everywhere //the City of Sin is just more honest about it and sometimes proud of it.
It is here where people go to watch fake valconos, fountain shows in fake lagoons set to show tunes and pretend to be 22 if only for a few days.
That is life in the City of Sin
Love you Sinners

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