“Since my baby left me I found a new place to dwell I’m down at the end of lonely street at Heart Break Hotel,” Elvis Presley.


This statue of The King of Rock stands in the lobby of the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas. Last week it was covered by Garlands and flowers in honor of Elvis birthday. Presley who died in 1977 would have been 82 Jan 8 if he would have lived —-Royal Hopper

The ghost of Elvis

by Royal Hopper
Recently at a Vegas hotel a man wearing a leather jacket sporting “An Elvis hairdo” was walked out the casino for being drunk and harassing guests and being a general all around ahole.

“I’m looking for my pink Cadillac,” he swore as the local order keepers escorted him off the property they were hired to protect. Elvis had left the building …the very one the real King played more than 800 ties in the 70s ..the one his fans were informed he had left so many times after a show in the days of polyester and jogging suits. Elvis left the building and the parking lot walking down Paradise Road in imitation of a man who had already been ghost at least 15 years before he was even born.
The ghost of the Mississippi Bard Elvis Aaron Presley sometimes in his white V neck sequined jump suit, sometimes in his standard issue rebel leather jacket is everywhere you go in the City of Sin. In the summer Fake Elvi populate the streets putting on shows for tokes and tips.


Crossing the street Royal Hopper

I once spied a man dressed like Elvis on a holiday and told him “what a great costume” he looked right at me and said “What costume.”
Men in certain age groups still sometimes sport the famous Elvis Pompadour hair. Songs that were golden oldies when I as in high school still blast from PAs in casios throught the City of Sin ode to the “good old days” when white guys in white sequined jump suits who knew a little karate could be considered rebellious, cool and sexy.

One year in the 80s an Elvis imitator drunk off his ass jumped head first into three feet of water and when they pulled him out he was still singing ….”You aint nothing but a hound dog,” as bllod and black hair dye mingled on the ground in front of him. His imitators abound. There are Asain Elvi, African American Elvi, Irish Elvi. Mexican Elvi ( I mean literally from Mexico of course) The flying Elvi parachute team and Elvi of all shapes and sizes visit the City of Sin to model or salute their Icon. I even met three female Elvi once
Elvis packed Vegas showrooms right up until his death even when he was so heavy he had to have his jump suits specially tailored.


Elvis the King Plaque with flowers celebrating his 82nd birthday

He is a much a Sin City icon as pin striped gangsters, crazy reclusive billionaires and aging superstars.

That is Life in City of Sin Houndog
Love You Sinners

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