The Sign jungle in the City of Sin – Royal Hopper

You see a man panting like a poodle half drunk out of his mind trots up to the scantily woman in he leather skirt , She smiles as he fumbles a handful of bills from his pocket. The Hawk has found her pigeon.
Have you even been followed by a pigeon who was determined to make friends with something that would dearly love to eat it ….I have discovered that many times over the years most recently in the literal sense while walking my dog…..

Pigeons who pursue Pit Bulls In the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper

We have pigeons in my subdivision who are either the brvest or stupidiest rats with wings on the planet….
I was walking my Pit Bull/ American Bull dog Kuma the other day right past a popular pigeon feeding spot near the basketball court in our little gated community. Like a good animal loving liberal I deliberately pulled my beloved American Bull away from the one pound bird she could have easily swallowed in two or three bites and walked around it thinking that was the end of things. IMG_0043.JPG
When my Bulldog tugged on the leash insistently I looked around expecting to find some poodle foolishly challenging my Kuma who loves people but is not terribly fond of other dogs ..She is a bad ass and afraid of nothing.

What I saw was this pigeon who was either stoned or to stupid to eat following my dog. Kuma for her part was staring at the pigeon as if she couldnt believe a bird would be stupid enough to get close to her amd her huge gaping mouth. I know birds dont have teeth or lips ,,,but I swear that dopy little one pound bird was smiling like a silly stoned cat trying to get closer to my 85 pound Bull dog’s mouth.


This is Kuma bane of pigeons _ Royal Hopper

She stepped forward and the bird wouldnt move. She opened her mouth a little and arched her back slightly and the bird stepped toward her.For a moment I considered letting the dog eat the stoned out little winged rat but empathy got yhe better of me and I pulled on the leash and let the idiot bird be.. and it still tried to follow us.


Some Local kids from the B Ball court with my other dog Reddy _ Royal Hopper

Its almost as the pigeon just didn recognize something that wanted to eat it or wanted to be eaten…It is a simple lesson that doesnt need to be explained. Dont pursue that are able and willing to eat you especially if you can fly…..



It is a common thing in this city.. The City of Sin
Love You Sinners


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