The state of Nevada depends on the honor system to verify your brakes work but if you don’t pass the smog test you don’t drive _ Royal Hopper

Sometimes you just don’t know what an insane asylum of a city you live in until until you have a good day to compare the rest of the insanity. Sunday was a good day….

Rough day Tough day, Good day the Right way

By Royal Hopper

What constitutes a rough day in the City of Sin and what constitutes a good day….
A rough day
Im guessing the gentleman, and I use that term loosely who my wife saw crossing Boulder Highway in a speedo and nothing else could give a good definition of what a wild not and a rough morning meant.


Shopping cart coming through _ a busy intersection no less _ Royal Hopper

I mean this guy was crossing a busy Sin City highway, one known for picking pedestrains off like drunken squirrels aas they walk across the road, in his bright yellow spanex skivies like _ well a drunken squirrel. His was dissheveled, his eyes wide , his feet bare, shirtless, pantless and unaware as he stumbled across a highway that has claimed many lives in its decades long history. That is what a rough night and a rough day looks like. DSCF1237.JPG
Sunday was a good day
Sunday my wife and I went to Maggianos Italian restaurant to celebrate our 22nd anniversary. the food was good, the company was good and the waitress was nice and decent at her job. It was a good day.

Winter time in the City of Sin

The Hookers hung out at the bar and smiled at each stare
Hoping security wouild not see them and care
The tourists were smiling as she sat in his lap
The locals were scowling and saying oh what a sap
Then up on the strip arose such a clatter
I looked up from my double pump sugar free vanilla foam Chai ee what was the matter
The tourists were gasping like children and smiling like Jackie O
The locals looked and said oh well its the Mirage valcano
The people from Canada are all wearing shorts
while we shiver they are playing field hockey on the tennis courts
Its raining said one covering his head with a pan
Oh no its the Bellagio Fountain
We shiver like deseet rats because our blod is thin
Its not that crazy Its winter in the City of Sin

Love You Sinners


A truck leaves a tunnel Bryce Canyon Utah. Notice the Freudian symbolism _ Royal Hopper

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