The Hound, The Wolf and Wednesday with nothing to do

by Royal Hopper
An oddly clad man strolls angrily toward a woman wearing shorts on a winter’s day striding down Boulder Highway sidewalk giving passersby a glimpse of her underwear and occasionally waving at cars as she strolls by. A car slows down and pulls over. The woman looks in the car waves again and starts to move on.
The man walking toward her cocks his fist and increases his pace and is about to say something to her when a police car rounds the corner and cruises toward the little mob scene. The oddly dressed man lowers his hands walks by the car and woman, the car speeds on its way and the woman stands there waiting patiently for her fate. The police car’s occupants get out as the light changes and you drive past.


Is this what a rough night looks like ? Photo by Royal

You see them everywhere in the City of Sin. They are the wolves of this neon jungle. Not the furry four-legged kind ..the two-legged kind..hungry, fierce and without compunction and usually badly dressed. They occupy all walks of life waiting for the opportunity to invade your life and take your stuff. You also see this City’s world weary watchdogs …its hounds if you will. Keeping an eye on the wolves hoping to keep them away from the prizes they seek.

In the City of Sin the eternal struggle between the hound and the wolf is something you see everyday. Yeah I know stop with the fortune cookie philosophy already but it’s Wednesday and I am bored so let me explain.
When I worked at Treasure Island Hotel/Casino in the 90s I used to talk to a Serbian guy named Ray who worked there. Ray was a cool guy. He was friendly outgoing and always had a story to tell.
One day for reasons I’m still not sure of we started talking about dogs and wolves. I love dogs and Ray was clearly a dog guy so it seemed like an easy conversation to be had during lunch break at a Sin City casino.
Ray also had some kind of emotional dislike for Wolves. He talked about a fight that occurred between a wolf that had wandered into or near his village and a large muscular hound that occurred in his village.


It just seemed a little weird to me to see this on a median of a busy on ramp – Royal Hopper

The wolf was fast and ruthless and wild of course and attacked the hound. “He slash him and slash him but the hound was too strong,” Ray said gesturing with his hands expansively his face taking on a look of pensive wisdom older men sometimes get when talking to someone nearly 30 years younger than he at the time.
The hound chased the wolf off ..he triumphed, he protected the village and his family because he was strong dedicated to the defense of his home and didn’t give up or try to match the wolf slash for slash which would have been impossible.


Las Vegas is a sea of signs – Royal Hopper

Vegas is a lot like that fight. The City of Sin is full of wolves looking to snag a chicken or two and politics in this nation seem to be a lot like that as well..
As to who is the hungry wolf and who is the faithful hound and who will triumph remains to be seen. The hound wasn’t interested in hollow victories he was hungry and fierce and wild like wolves are and knew there was easy prey in the confines of that village or farm. The hound wasn’t trying to win a contest he was protecting his home and family and keeping the wolf from eating what he loved.


A man and his pigeons _ Photo by Royal Hopper

Eventually we will send our wolves packing ..If we do not despair and we keep fighting. Or the wolf will eat us
That is life in the City of Sin
Take Care Sinners

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