Is it Halloween yet?? by Royal Hopper

Uniforms, Costumes and girls named Ashley : An Everyday Thing in Sin City

by Royal Hopper
Just when you think you have seen every sign the City of Sin has to offer you see Spider Bites  …. This week I saw a sign held by a man sitting on the ground holding a sign that said Spider Bites  with the word Homeless right above it in smaller print.
I’m not sure whether that means his Spider Bites were homeless or he was homeless because of Spider Bites but the dude looked a little stoned so I let it go and walked on. If you walk down the Strip on any busy day of the week you see any number of silent sign of the times. If you look.
city of sin.JPG

A Sin City sidewalk _ Royal Hopper

If you look you might have seen the cell phone sticking out of the confines of Mr. Spider Bites …..stuff….
You walk further and you see a woman laying on the ground a man handing out CDs and another posing as Freddie Kruger.
As you walk into the mall carefully dodging the packs of fellow Mall Rats as they patrol their natural environment looking for new prey or a box of curly fries you observe their Mall costumes of Mall purchased trends.

Walking past isolated groups of girls named Ashley and Crystal who roll their eyes at your dated …”so last month” clothing you make your way onto Las Vegas boulevard eyeing many of the various species of tourists, Sinners and passers through ..(people genius different types of people who frequent Las Vegas Boulevard)
Mall rats on patrol.JPG

Mall Rats on patrol _ Royal Hopper

You see two of the “Pretty People” walking in tandem silently bragging about how much they spent on their $20 deck shoes smiling like drunken jackasses as they mutter “losers” just loud enough for those nearly the hear. You see even more phony “Hot Topic” rebels dragging out their Mall Wear for the weekend to prove how rebellious they are before heading back inside to vote republican and make thinly veiled comments about the nice lady and her four kids walking nearby and other less trendy folks hanging about.

After a few minutes it hits you like a thousand tons of cliché’ debris. You stop and remember that there is a reason you don’t visit these places when they are busy and remember the one constant of modern life. Every body wears costumes in this city and in life and not just on and babies.JPG
Halloween is the perfect Holiday in the City of Sin because costumes are our thing.. Everybody wears  costume.. Everyone is pretending to be something else. Everyone wears social camouflage to hide their inner truth _ to protect the inner child they keep hidden under layers of phony cultural bias; and social uniforms they wear to be part of something. In short in the City of Sin All Hallows Eve, Samhaign Halloween is a day like any other only more honest, because people know the costumes are fake and only for appearances.
It is not a mystery or a fairy tale.


Somebody is gearing up for Halloween _ Royal Hopper

It is just life in the City of Sin.
Take care Sinners.. I think I will go to the Mall today….. Mall Rats of the World Unite

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