These motorcycle enthusiasts poured into the City of Sin last week for events held on the outskirts of the city. Admire the Rebel … Despise the Idiot _ Royal Hopper

You Admire the Rebel and Despise the Idiot at the Same time

 by Royal Hopper

On your way to work in the City of Sin you spy an idiot with no shirt hot dogging a motorbike down a busy commuter roadway in your city— The City of Sin.


Just two guys walking _ Royal Hopper

Suddenly the riders guns the bikes engine and raises its nose in the air balancing the steel and plastic two-wheeled death rocket  on its rear tire and standing on the seat as it roared down the Sin City byway surrounded by vehicles that outweighed it by 2,000 pounds.
Now your first thought and don’t deny it something like this …”What an idiot.. I hope he crashes and scatters his organs all over the road.” You know its true. He is kind of like the pigeon your 80 pound American Bull dog almost ate and you almost stepped on because he was bathing in a puddle of run off near your suburban home. That pigeon was just not going to move and part of your admired him for it.


Two people talking on the street _ Royal Hopper

In this city all bike riders are potential organ donors and the genius hot wheeling his crotch rocket down your road is trying desperately to reach that lofty plateau early in life.  But as you grimace at the daredevil goosing his built for speed Japanese crotch rocket into a death defying wheelie and standing on his seat…There is also part of you that admires him and you know it…
Even as you utter curses under your breath at this adrenaline junkie’s antics ,,, a small part of the fearless adventurer buried deep in your psyche admires the bravery and even the cluelessness it takes to do such a thing.


A guy holding a sign “Baby” _ Royal Hopper

“Oh to be , brave enough and stupid enough and clueless enough of consequences to do such a thing. Even as you wish for his demise ..part of you wishes to stop your daily commute long enough to sheer on this clueless tempter of danger ,,,to feel that happily clueless that fearless and that unafraid of consequences.
Part of you hates him for his display and you know it. Part of you admires him for it and you know it….
Up ahead the light changes to green before you arrive and you depress the gas pedal to get through the light on your way to pay the mortgage. You roll your eyes, sigh heavily, grimace again and curse idiot as you roll through the traffic light and the daredevil disappears into the sandy, hot jungle of suburban Las Vegas and as he passes out of sight your inner adventurer smiles a little and wishes him well.


For my daughter _ Royal Hopper

He is kind of like the pigeon you almost stepped on and kind of like you were so many years ago when you remember being goaded into jumping a ditch on your Schwin so many years ago and how stupid you felt as you flew through the air and how wonderful it felt when you hit the ground.
Its not a fairy tale. It is just life in the City of Sin.
Love You Sinners


A guy walking _ Royal Hopper

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