To Walk and Chew Gum: The Sin City Dilemma

By Royal Hopper
Instead of the usual story telling and observations I would like to make a statement about something very relevant tp modern life. With all that has happened in this country …_ in Tulsa …in Charleston _ It is important to say that things. In all things it is possible to walk and chew gum at the same time to see all sides of an issue or a grapefruit.

Even in the fall. The sun here causes a terrible glare _ Royal Hopper

Think about it
You can for instance have a love/hate relationship with the City of Sin. It is possible to know that people need a place where they can cut lose and understand the destructive effect of gambling and alcohol. You can see the all the house notes and car notes the jobs it generates pay and the trail of ruined lives it sometimes leaves.
After more than 16 total years in the City of Sin seeing a man dressed like a woman or seeing two men or two women holding hands doesn’t give me the slightest pause. I am much more open minded because of living in this city _ but I’m also much more cynical and have perfected my “I’m a local leave me be,” glare _ the one that keeps  charity seekers and sign holders are bay. The one I give when I know someone is going to have to leave my casino and that there can be no debate about it.


Out for a walk _ Royal Hopper

I have rediscovered my love of Heavy Metal and Rock and Roll again and learned to let others be in their choice of music. Listen to what you like ..what moves your heart is my motto.
You learn them both in this city _  the glare and the open mind.. They are survival traits here.
As a casino security officer and small town police beat reporter. I have met many worthy men and women who wore the blue and kaki of law enforcement and also reported on questionable activities they have indulged in. I understand that as a rule they are honorable people who do a difficult, thankless job. I also know that when those 10 percent who are bad apples do something wrong it is serious business.


This is one from last week. I thought it bore repeating _ Royal Hopper

It is possible to see that at times it is only the dark reputation of the keepers of order that keeps this town from falling into chaos and to see that all power corrupts and must sometimes be checked. I can tell you from personal experience that it was only the movie of the week inspired possibility that they would be bounced off a wall on the way to the door that keeps order in our casino.


The City of Sin

Think about it
It is possible to be sad when a good cop looses their life in the line of duty and to be outraged when someone dies in police custody who shouldn’t have… You can do it.. I can and have mourned the loss of a brave order keeper and been outraged by the lives lost when they shouldn’t be ….
Think about it when you are inspecting a fruit for purchase you don’t just look at one side or even two.. You look at the entire fruit for flaws and virtues…
That is what life in the City of Sin Teaches you
Take Care Sinners

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