Dude or Chick..?? I never got a clear look

Summer in the City

by Royal Hopper
A man stood at the corner looking across the intersection toward his goal. He was like a time machine. His gray pony tail pointing to a forgotten sillier time. The cammo t shirt he wore out of date and out of fashion 30 years ago. What does it mean stayed tuned to find out.
Its was a typical Day in the desert this July 4th weekend.
The city sounded like a war zone as explosions and bright lights rippled through the streets of Sin City as darkness surrounded it.


Las Vegas Cityscape – Royal Hopper

People in strange costumes joined in the celebration whooping and hollering as they explosions of neon echoed throughout the city.
There were drunks everywhere forgetting their wallets in odd places in an effort to get drunk faster. There were cops everywhere keeping a watchful eye on the drunks and those likely to take advantage of them.
There were working girls and you know working girls, winners and losers and some idiot on a horse riding down Tropicana  talking on his cell phone.


Now this is a bad day _ Royal Hopper

In others words it was a normal week in the City of Sin only louder and some guy on horseback on a residential street in Las Vegas which is kind of weird. The 4th of July is a great American holiday full of noise and lights _ but that is how the City of Sin is all the time. July 4th was just every other day except louder and more annoying.
I did see something on the street corner as I was on my way home last week.  A man standing on the street corner caught my eye. Suddenly it was long decades ago and I could feel the long hair on my shoulders and the badly designed t shirts of feaux rebellion.  He wore a pony tail and a cammo tshirt ala Dukes of Hazard.   DSCF9872.JPG
The shirt was faded cammo exactly one I owned some decades  ago.  He looked frozen in time as if 2016 offended him somehow. He bought a really cool cammo shirt back in 1984 and stuck with it and decided 1978 was the bomb for hair styles and stuck with that. Vegas is a lot like that. It constantly promotes its past,  gangsters, Elvis, cowboys and all the glories of the past but never really honors it. Look that place has 60 years of history behind it .._ everyone who was anyone performed there. Babies were conceived there and born there and people died there. It is a piece of history. Want to put a parking lot there ..?.
Thats life in the City of Sin
Take Care Sinners

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