a road to EDC

The Daisies and professional aholes in the City of Sin


by Royal Hopper  


The Daisy Kids invaded the City of Sin this week as temperatures soared to 115 degrees. Every where you looked there were tribal head dresses, bikini clad space alien chicks, rainbow colored halter tops and glow sticks _ everywhere.

good urban landscape

A Sin City Urban Landscape _ Royal Hopper

This one chick was convinced she could get home by passing through a mirror at the end of the hallway another was convinced she could get change for her pack of cigarettes.

The Daisies came to town right as the NBA championships were wrapping up and Cleveland won its first professional championship since 1964 when this blogger was 2. Yes there was a culture clash and there was little in the way of tension between the two. The Daisies were usually to tired from getting stoned and dancing all night to start a fight and the sports fans were to busy threatening to beat the crap out of each other to notice a bunch of stoned out ravers wearing tribal headdresses and bikinis.

So with the relative lack of conflict in the City of Sin and the fact that it was hot in the desert not exactly being news lets talk about aholes.

supernatural join the hunt

A bumper sticker _ Royal Hopper

Some people pride themselves on being annoying, irascible and mean spirited. They enjoy challenging everyone they meet regardless of the occasion or fault of the person they are meeting in their problems.
In short they enjoy being a ahole. They are proud of it.

I ran into one such person recently in the City of Sin _ a tall portly gentleman with a cane who was upset that his room key had not worked for the second time. He cursed every other word sounding like a symphony of drunken sailors _ which he was incidentally a sailor I mean by his own admission having served 30 years in the Navy and Marine Corps.

people together on a bench

Waiting at the bus stop _ Royal Hopper

You run into a lot of people like this in Vegas. Usually they are not locals. Real Vegas bad asses usually know to be smooth and smiley and polite even if its fake its well honed skill. They will cut across five lanes of traffic, go 40 mph on the Interstate and 60 mph on tight little back roads honking their horns like mad men if the “peasants” get in their way.

Its not Crazy or insane I say it again

rent to own wheels and tires

Rent a Wheel ?

Its not a day at the races of in a loonie bin

Its not the Ritz or the Sticks and not remotely Zen

Its just every day .. In the City of Sin

So long Sinners Love you guys

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