Really _ Photo by Royal Hopper

How things are in the City of Sin

by Royal Hopper


Things are not always what they seem in the City of Sin and sometimes they are. We have talked about this before but with summer coming on in Sin City it bears repeating. Lets start with this observation.

On a pleasant spring day drive down a Sin City byway you see a man walking down the street pushing a bicycle with one hand. It is not an unusual sight in any western city to see a man and his bicycle except this is less than three feet high and bears a bright white and pink basket with pink ribbons and brightly painted pink and yellow flowers.

shopping cart

A man and his cart _ Royal Hopper

It is a child’s bike designed for pre-shoolers.

Now there are several possibilities. He could be bringing a birthday present to his young daughter or niece. Yeah that could be it. He could actually be a transvestite midget wearing realistic three foot stilts under his dirty stoned washed blue jeans and the bike could be for him. Yeah that could be it.

Maybe he found it one the sidewalk near the busy intersection because 6-year olds often go bike riding in the middle of the day near a busy Sin City intersection. That could be it ..it could .. . . It could.

shopping couple

A couple that shops together _ Royal Hopper

Maybe he stole the damn thing.. Maybe that is it. You really don’t know.

On the same day you see a woman in slinky black walking down the avenue toward a group of men. She could be a working girl working the corner and the men are her potential clients that could be. She could be a stripper too drunk to walk and dress at the same time.

Then she turns toward the bus stop absent mindedly dragging on a hoodie and checking the contents of her bag which looked to be groceries .she was a cocktail waitress or just a waitress to tired from a long day at work to put on a jacket as she walked out of the casino.


You get the idea

In the city anything is possible. The entire length and breath of good and bad possibilities are right in front of you every time you walk out the door. The most innocent of sights can be utterly diabolic and the most suspicious of transactions can be utterly innocent.

It’s why I love this city and hate it too. It’s why some days you say “ man I live in Las Vegas” and other days you say “damn I live in Las Vegas.”

Its not a bad B Movie plot. Its just life in the City of Sin.

Take Care Sinners

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