family in the rain

A family in Vegas out ofr a walk on one of the rare rainy days in the City of Sin _ Photo by Royal Hopper

What do things mean and Look Ma’ no hands

By Royal Hopper
When you see a couple clad in black leather riding on the back of a motorcycle. The one on the back with long hair and breasts was waving her hands as the motorcycle moved through the intersection.

You could almost here the conversation muffled by the helmets that concealed their faces . . . “Hold on baby,” he would say . . .

a signs

Signs, Signs everywhere a sign and a 60s music reference _ Photo by Royal Hopper

“You mean like this,” she seemed to be saying as the drove through the intersection or like this “she said waving them the other way and then in his face as he drove .”or like this,” she would say as she waved her hands again in frustration as the light turned green and you move on through the intersection.. . . .

At a Vegas show some years ago there was a fight. One man it seems wanted to know what is was all about Life and the show .. . . .

What does it mean _ what does it mean he would shout

a omlet house guy close up

Selling ad time in the rain _ Photo by Royal Hopper

He wanted to know and he was a man _ a man with some clout

The others_ the others more simply _ simply wanted him out

Make him go _ make him go they said to those who should know

Shouted the man _ I wonder did he mean yes or did he mean no

The man shouted and pointed at his, head his heart and his toe (it rhymes okay)

The audience didn’t care they just wanted to watch the show

That poem is based on a true story incidentally. There was a disturbance in a Vegas theater years ago caused by a man who refused to stop shouting at the stage and several equally intoxicated audience members who were tired of him interrupting their show and were determined to pick a fight.

a rainy day on Vegas street

A family in Vegas out ofr a walk on one of the rare rainy days in the City of Sin _ Photo by Royal Hopper

Some couples who argue will argue anywhere. ,< One of them will always say hold on baby and the other will always take that as an insult.. One of them will usually be an independent drama queen and the other a long suffering, well meaning dweeb who puts his foot in his mouth trying to say the most innocent of things. There will always be someone who tries to figure out what things mean long after it has stopped being helpful to ask.

Communication is the key to peaceful living in any couple and in any relationship in any society. Asking question can be brave and necessary _ but there are times it pays to just be quiet and enjoy the show _ to just let mystery be mysterious, the Free fly their Freak flags and the drama queens wave her hands and be who they are.

That is life in the City of Sin _ Sinners
Love You guys
PS I saw the same couple on the same motorcycle a few days later the guy must have gotten the hint

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