In Sin City This week

boy and flag

This young man was standing on a Sin City street corner waving what appears to be a Romanian flag. I have no idea why _ Photo by Royal Hopper


In Sin City This week


By Royal Hopper 

You see a man walking he doesn’t look like a bum


_ but hes walking down the road just sucking his thumb

Its Windy and Cold in the City of Sin
Hump me naked on a pogo stick its raining again

Ford is here _ the Democrats _ the Republicans and still
The man with Armani on skips out on his bill

Its not all that different _ not crazy or Zen
Its just another week day in the City of Sin

dude laying on road tclose up

Rough Day in Sin City for this dude _ Photo by Royal Hopper


This Week in Sin City 
This week was a normal week in the City of Sin. You saw the normal things on the way to work and when you were out and about.

You saw a man sucking his thumb with great abandon oblivious to those watching his infantile activity.. Finally noticing he was being watched ..he pulled the thumb out of his mouth and as if contemplating not sucking his thumb in public and then shrugged his shoulders and thrust his thumb back in his gob and continuing down the boulevard.lady and trash bag

The City of Sin is a lot like our childish boulevard stroller. It is a state of mind _ a place where it is okay to be a childish drama queen. Much of the Vegas myth is based on its reputation as an adult playground.

But it is also a place where people long past 17 can once again act like totally drunken DBs or stranger still they pretend that they are drunken teenaged DBs when their wrinkles and gray pony tails say otherwise.

guy on sidewalk and lady use

Another Rough day in the City of Sin _ Photo by Royal Hopper

There is an old joke in this city ,., Elvis, Big Bird and Abraham Lincoln are spotted on a street corner and the tourist asks where did you get those costumes.

honk if you love Jesus

Its just Sin City man _ Royal Hopper

To which all three reply what costume?? The local that was walking by looks at his watch and walked on by. . . Muttering damn under his breath certain he will depend on said damn tourist for his tokes later that week.

That is a true story btw.

That is life in the City of Sin

Love You Sinners

Take care

chick and guy coke truck and McDonalds

The Urban Jungle _ Royal Hopper

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