cell phone sign sitting

A Vegas sign holder takes a break and maybe does some homework _ Royal Hopper

Oh Brother oh Brother

By Royal Hopper 


Oh dearest ..oh dearest oh best beloved and kin

What should I tell you how should I tell you

Where should I begin
On one side of the road walked a man with a stoop

He looked like a bird and he walked like chicken

Stuck in a coop

sign waver

Sin City Sign waver

Two men with signs glared one at the other

I’m free glared the beggar I have a job stared his ad sign holding foe

I work for my brother
Good foreign food to be had said the sign held on the right

I’m hungry need help said the one held on the left Police flash their strobes

_ and they were both gone out of sight
The Pros and the Hos and the Whiskey and Gincar wash guy 2.JPG

The conventions, the gambling, the drinking and at the end

Its just another week in the City of Sin

Love you Sinners
Take care

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