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Guitar man walking in the City of Sin the Day after Valentines Day _ Royal Hopper

Valentines Day in the City of Sin


by Royal Hopper

Hooters use

Guitar man walking in the City of Sin the Day after Valentines Day _ Royal Hopper


As you drive to the job that pays your mortgage and lets you get the good gourmet coffee you use to pry your tired eyes open in the morning you spy two men embracing.

Two men comfort each other in the socially acceptable bro-man embrace in a dusty dirty desert crawl by a bar (?) that is the definition of “a Dive.” It is Valentines day the bro – man embrace seems to say. The one _ the strong one pats the others back like a brother or cousin might after a football game they lost. It is Valentines in the City of Sin and we are hanging out in the same spot we passed out in a few days ago and don’t even have a B-Girl named Brandy Wine to give a Valentine.

Velenatines day 2 use

Valentines Day in the City of Sin _ Royal Hopper

One man is clearly in the grips of sorrow _ perhaps for days gone by and the love that left him because of the lifestyle and the other is being a good bro _ letting his friend hold onto him and giving the bro pat on the back as a form of comfort.

Even the people who can pay for drinks in this place are not well off and no notices the scene as the drive by on their way to their mortgage paying jobs. Us Sinners don’t impress easy and if you ran naked down the street I front of their cars they would probably just honk and stare at your assets for a few seconds before going on their way. It is part of who we are.
You drive past the roadside stands selling giant bears piles of roses stuffed Unicorns, toys, balloons and candy for the recalcitrant Sinners who forgot it was Valentines Day and don’t want Ms Sinners to exile them to the couch for the night.

valentines presents

Valentines Day in the City of Sin II _ Royal Hopper

We Sinners have armor that even Valentines Day cannot penetrate but everyone from high to low has highs and lows and sometimes needs comfort for a loss or a bad memory.

Valentines Day For Sinners

by Royal Hopper

Valentine Day in the City of Sin
Oh children oh children where
Do I begin
The man on the corner selling a bear
The woman down the road in pink underwear
A couple in drag hugging and groping
The man? gets a kiss horny and hoping
A girl for hire handing out cards
An ugly man sings to his love with the voice of a Bard
A man plays guitar to the love he must win
A heart full of gold and a ear made of tin
Its not crazy or loony of weird my friend
It is just life and Valentines Day in the
City of Sin

Take Care Sinners
Love you guys

whee;chair ladies 2 good

On the Way home from Valentines Day shopping _ Royal Hopper

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