We are here

bicycle kid

This bicyclist makes his way through the urban landscape in the City of Sin _ Royal Hopper

In a world of their own 


by Royal Hopper


You look at the woman standing on the corner with her head phones and her jogging outfit. She is performing an understated dance to the music on her headphones ..Performing for no one but herself and unconcerned with what critics or commuters think she doesn’t so much dance as quietly move to the music. No wild gestures she just giggles with her feet and arms and body as opposed to belly laughing for effect.
She notices you staring art her as she continues her subtle celebration.

couple looking at each other

This couple is either about to kiss or beat the crap out of each other. That is the City of Sin folks. The best and worst in humanity _ Royal Hopper

She doesn’t get angry or offended. She manages a friendly smile waves at you and you despite years of Sin City training that tell you don’t wave at people dancing in the street you hesitantly wave back which seems to please her and for a moment she looks your way as you look toward her and smile a little too.
She smiles again and then goes back into her own music headphone enhanced environment and moves to the sound as the traffic light changes color and you are forced to move on down the avenue toward the job you hold down to pay the mortgage and buy good coffee _ and that health insurance thing.

people looking at each other

Are you looking at me. The city of Sin Folks_ Royal Hopper

True individuals unlike many people they don’t bother with social camouflage or social uniforms. They listen to what they like and dance where and how they like _ they even wave at you and smile when you stare at them.

I get the feeling that there are a lot more of us Sinners who quietly rebel against the requirements of “social culture.” Not as bold as the bus stop dancers above they exercise their individuality from the confines of their car or apartment of home or club protected by all the right social protection >>>>>like a social condoms they put on to avoid being stared at or made fun of by people they don’t know _ but they do it. . . .

In closing I would like to relate an obvious fact Las Vegas is a weird place.

painted street thingie

Tropicana Avenue street art _ Royal Hopper

I had a conversation with an English comic the other day .. We agreed on one thing Las Vegas is the weirdest place on earth. He confessed that he had had enough of the weirdest place on earth and was moving back to Florida where normal weird people like him can function without being bothered by people who don’t make waves they are just them . . . They dance they sing they wave and yes that is life in the City of Sin.

bicycle guy

Just another lonely bike rider in the City of Sin _ Royal Hopper


guy across parking lot

Just another lonely days walk in the City of Sin _ Royal Hopper


Love ya Sinners

Rock The Sin


cityscape okay

You guessed it. The City of Sin _ Royal Hopper

cityscape okay

You guessed it. The City of Sin _ Royal Hopper

place landing

Plane landing in the City of Sin _ Royal Hopper 

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