The Aging Misfit Eats Breakfast

by Royal Hopper

uy waiting at crosswalk

File photo of guy at crosswalk- Royal Hopper

You look over to your right across the morning haze of heavily conditioned and scented Vegas air ignoring the hints of artificial coconut and industrial cleaner, stale cigarette smoke and cheap perfume that always hang in the Vegas air and spot a faded black T shirt with the once rebellious Moniker Misfits.

standard vegas cityscape meh

“Standard Vegas Cityscape” _ Royal Hopper

The Misfits were a Punk Rock band that formed in 1977 as a dark Gothic Rock worshiping cult band from new Jersey. You look up and the face of the man wearing the shirt and you see a surprise ..a rotund gentleman with a brushy gray mustache, bald head and surprisingly quiet demeanor.
Perhaps he is a culture warrior of days gone by brought down by age and appetite. Perhaps he borrowed the shirt from a friend or Offspring (pun intended) to remind himself of his glory days.

The aging rebel notices you out of the corner of his eye and steels himself to react. He shuffles his feet prepares for action _ arches his back and then burps..Shrugs a little perhaps realizing you see his Misfits shirt and was reminded of the decade you both lived thru and don’t miss in the least.

Whatever the case The Misfits fan sat down with a friend in his truck drivers cap short sleeved flannel and unbuttoned so you could his Misfits T. “I was to a rebel and I was young once he seemed to say turning back to his breakfast and the friend who had come back from the casino to join his pudgy gray haired friend.

mountains in the background

Sometimes we forget that The City of Sin is surrounded by hundreds of miles of desert and mountains _ Royal Hopper

Vegas is where the spirit lives on long after the body and mind are to tired to rebel against or indulge in anything the City of Sin your inner drama queen can at least stay awake and show its head now and then. Just ask the man who walked across a local casino in his John Wayne outfit ..ten gallon hat and all. Never mind that “The Duke” went to the great beyond in 1977 or that he was at least 4 inches shorter than old Johnnie was doesn’t matter, near him walked a cowboy and a gunfighter and a few others who wore their inner drama queen like a badge of honor.

Photo posing season is just around the corner as temperatures in the desert begin to rise. Soon tall yellow Big Birds and brightly colored anthropomorphic robots and hello Kitties and a host of other imaginary characters will don their costumes and entice people to pose for pictures with them in return for a modest monetary recompense ( a tip).

Everyone wears a costume of some sort. We all indulge in social uniforms and camouflage. We all dress like something we want to be perceived as or not perceived as. We also all maintain a part of ourselves something we chose to be the corners of our identity. Something that gets us through the day and sometimes gets us a tip.

As you peruse the weirdness of the City of Sin just remember one thing. A rich drunk ahole is a rich drunk ahole is a rich drunk ahole and if you are rich and drunk you are just as much of an ahole as the poor drunk ahole next to you. White, black, Red Brown or Purple when you talk about the pittance the other person makes as an excuse to be an ass. . . .You have declared yourself the same . . .
All you rebels, drama queens and aging Misfits take heart

The City of Sin is here to stay

Life in the City of Sin The Weirdest place on earth

Take Care Sinners

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