Christmas week in Sin City

samstowm x mas show

Some of us Sinners watch the Christmas show at Samstown hotel/casino Wednesday _ Photo by Royal Hopper

The Glories of Neon Christmas or Merry Christmas Sinners

By Royal Hopper 

This Christmas I watched an animatronic bear with a Santa hat dance I ate dinner with my family. I opened presents and exchanged awkward hugs with people I love and talked about the good old days with feigned gusto while my dogs tore apart the stuffed animals we bought them.

xmas eve dinner 2 better

Christmas dinner at my house _ Photo by Royal Hopper

It was Christmas like it is in millions of households in millions of homes across the country.

The City of Sin itself was the same wonderful weird place it always has been.

Twas the night before Christmas and the casinos were full
If you think gamblers go home for X-Mas your full of Bull

I saw a man riding a skating board across a pedestrian crosswalk in an expensive suits talking on his cell. My daughter says he was a hipster. I guess it is a good thing I saw him coming and didn’t step on the gas. Perhaps I was taken by the Christmas spirit
Perhaps I remembered those times I was a wannabe cool guy _ long hair, slick shirts and blue jeans faded just right.


One of the Samstown Christmas show cast shows off his Christmas beanie _ Photo by Royal

There was another cell talker pulled over in the corner lane of a busy highway sitting on his scooter decked out in head to toe in slick black leather talking on his cell phone intently as traffic whizzed past him on the elevated highway.

I witnessed a woman walking on the sidewalk and talking on her cell loud enough so that I could hear it 30 feet away a closed car with the windows rolled up and the radio playing at an audible level. I felt sorry foe the dude on the other end because he was getting a ration of pre Christmas crap from this lady and her cell. I don’t know what it was with people with people on their cell phones this week but it was weird.

That being said you could also surmise the week leading up to Christmas in Sin City was somehow different than other parts of the country_ You would be wrong.

kuma playing

Dogs love Christmas as evidenced by this 85 pound pooch dancing with joy at her bevy of new Christmas dog toys _ Photo by Royal Hopper

Mostly it is the same..Cheesy Christmas themed laser light shows, decorations strung up around the city .. Christmas parties everyone hates except the drunks ..who mostly just don’t remember why the picked the fight that got them kicked out of the party.

Walk across a casino on Christmas Day people say Merry Christmas as they throw off their coats and belly up to the bar or the roulette table or the chick named Snowball who is going to roll them later on that evening.

It is not bad movie or a bad trip.. It is just life in the City of Sin.

Rock On Sinners
Merry Christmas
Love You guys

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