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The Devil in Vegas or Tuesday in the City of Sin


By Royal Hopper 


A lone man waits on a Sin City street corner late last week on Tropicana Avenue. His black leather biker jacket offered some protection against the winter wind but it was his white hair and the red strip of material wrapped around his arm and the symbol drawn on it that was most noticeable to commuters and those who paid attention anyway. It is red and black and curves in opposite directions in all four of its points and represents something most sane people believe is an evil idea. Fortunately This Sin City baby and we don’t give a crap.

cityscape good

Vegas Baby – Royal Hopper

The City of Sin is not a place that cares very much about ideas. It loves money and fun and self expression. People wearing swastikas on their leather jackets on a street corner barely draw a whisper of attention in a place wear Snow Whites with beards and dentists dressed like big bird are a common sight. People carrying signs are just another sign holder in a city full of sign holder wanting donations for Karate lessons to fight the ninjas that kidnapped their karate teacher, help fighting their diabetes or just for food or just because they need a beer. We are jaded, cynical and used to a lot of bizarre things. It takes a lot to get our attention.
“Is that Elvis in his late period nice costume man.” “What costume ?” That actually happened to me.

Pizza and cokle


The City was full of Cowboys .. dressed like cowboys of course. I saw a cowboy complete with spurs and a ten gallon hat talking to a metal head decked out in black leather and studs talking about a buffet and where to get the best deal on cheap lunch or players card. They were feet away from a medieval princess and a gut dressed like he had stepped out of an 80s music video snickering at the “weirdoes” as they spoke.

If there is a Devil _ an adversary of heaven as the legends and religions say there must be ..if there is . . . and he was walking down the street as a book by an author whose name eludes me as I am writing this .. We would bare ly notice on our way to work. Someone would pose for a picture with him and his costume __ someone would throw him a $5 and tell him to get lost and security at a casino would probably trespass him for causing trouble or get him a players card and escort him to the high limit table if he had money.
That is just who we are man _ Wonderfully apathetic and hard to impress. W are not cold or evil we are Sinners and this is just life in the City of Sin.

I am going on vacation and there will likely not be a Sin City Missive for awhile ..especially since O do this for fun and don’t get paid for it . . .

So just remember “stay sane inside insanity” *( Rocky Horror Picture Show) Sinners enjoy the Holidays and Rock On every chance you get ..

Love you guys

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